Zu guttenberg’s consulting firm – fierce reactions after reporting

Zu guttenberg's consulting firm - fierce reactions after reporting

Former kulmbach member of the bundestag karl-theodor zu guttenberg (CSU) is back in the headlines. First as an election campaigner, it is now about his consulting firm "spitzberg partners". The "berliner morgenpost had done investigative research, among other things at the locations of the company offices in berlin and new york. In particular, the reporting focused on the reticence to provide information about the business and structures, coupled with threatening behavior towards the editorial staff, but also on employees who were difficult to find.

The stone of pride: the report on guttenberg's company can be found here
in the focus of the "morgenpost-thurnau's honorary mayor martin bernreuther (CSU), who works as a managing director for the company, also took part in the research. Detlef zenk, a local councillor for the free choice party in thurnau, argues about this.

Letter from detlef zenk: shame on you!

"I have read through the report on the consulting firm spitzberg partners LLC three times, and I still don't know exactly what it's supposed to mean. Substantially I do not recognize any information worth knowing. So for me, there is only one reason why this 'story' makes it into the newspapers: mr. Zu guttenberg. A nice picture as an eye-catcher – and the report is already being read. Just as well could have been told that karl-theodor zu guttenberg sold his car and it is rumored that the reason was full ashtrays. What falls then that one? Quite a normal rainbow press with no journalistic pretensions, I would say – and the people concerned can certainly handle it.

However, the fact that the mayor of thurnau, martin bernreuther, is included in the deliberately negative portrayal in an equally meaningless manner, but with a subliminal accusation, is simply disgusting. I have almost daily contact with martin in the context of my honorary office as a local councillor and in particular the current village renewal in alladorf. I almost always talk to him on the phone in the town hall or at appointments in the municipal area. My perception is that he is never actually in berlin.

We have an unbelievable number of projects going on in thurnau, which he and his administration are pursuing meticulously, purposefully and at least day in, day out. Martin does a great job from my point of view.

The strategy of christian pack, to raise the question, if there are not neglected tasks as mayor, to fill the business activities of a supposedly questionable company, I refer decidedly to the area of the marchen. Christian pack should be ashamed! Klaus angerstein for the equally arbitrary commentary on this 'right and wrong' by the way."

In the following, you can read what the reporters klaus angerstein and christian pack reply, who talk about zu guttenberg, the company and the research of the "morgenpost" in yesterday's issue you wrote.

Reaction of the editorial staff: no reason for shame

"No all-around punching please! Yesterday's report was about karl-theodor zu guttenberg and his company. The name martin bernreuther had to be mentioned, because the mayor of thurnau is also the spitzberg manager of the berlin office.
We are in no way implying that bernreuther is therefore neglecting his mayoral duties. We are merely asking how the exercise of a spitzberg management function is realized. Bernreuther willingly provided information on the matter. So much for this theme.

You, mr. Zenk, have not been able to extract anything informative from our reporting. In addition the following: if, as in the case of the company "spitzberg partners if every effort is made to withhold more detailed information about the company and its employees from the berliner morgenpost, comprehensive reporting will be necessary and difficult. It would be fatal to create the impression that such an attitude of refusal could prevent unwelcome publications. Zu guttenberg is not one of those people who shy away from the light of publicity. On the contrary: he likes to see himself in the spotlight if he can write the script for the performance himself. By now, he should be used to the fact that editorial offices do not allow themselves to be told to shut up, even by a baron. The editors have also made neutral inquiries here.

In this case, too, those responsible have had their say. And if, with regard to the handling of a dissertation, the opinion of the editorial staff does not correspond to that of karl-theodor zu guttenberg, that is nothing to be ashamed of."

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