Where to put the clear sludge?

Where to put the clear sludge?

The topic of clear sludge has been under discussion in the rhonallianz for a relatively long time now. Now it should go a step further. Namely, with the signing of the agreement on inter-municipal cooperation in the field of municipal clear sludge processing and clear sludge disposal between the municipalities of the rhonallianz and the municipal utilities of bad bruckenau.

Mayor alexander schneider briefly summarized the content of the concept in the youngest meeting of the market town council on wednesday. The background is the increasing challenges of environmental and water protection. Sharply rising disposal costs and the fundamental reluctance of farmers and disposal companies to accept waste are forcing us to take action.

It is planned to draw up an economic concept for central clear sludge dewatering, including the quantities and times of removal at the respective sites, and to put the clear sludge transport out to tender. A pro-rata billing concept is also to be drawn up for joint investments in a clarifying sludge press and expansions or adaptations in the area of the clarifying plant in trubenbrunn.

The study on the "inter-municipal wastewater concept in the catchment area of the eight member municipalities of the bruckenau rhonallianz" recommends the energetic utilization of the produced clear sludge at the site of the clear plant trubenbrunn. A decision on the implementation of this, however, is due in five years at the earliest, it said.

This is also the duration of the agreement, which is valid from 1. The contract will begin in march 2020 and will be extended by one year at a time unless notice is given three months before it expires.

Green light for building applications

No objections were raised to the construction of an apartment building adjacent to the existing building of a veterinary practitioner in geroda. Because the project was planned in the area of the house, the council agreed only on the condition that the community would not incur any costs for sewage disposal, access roads and winter road maintenance. A development and financing agreement is to be concluded accordingly.

There was also green light for the planned installation of an apartment in the counter rooms of the former VR bank and the new construction of a double garage in geroda as well as the new construction of a garage in platz.

The change of the development plan (only textual changes) "northeast of the village" of the market burkardroth, municipality part stangenroth, does not touch the concerns of the market municipality geroda. No objections were raised. Mayor alexander schneider announced the results of the 2019 financial statements. In order to attend a training course as a housing consultant for seniors, a geroda resident needs a certificate that he or she is doing voluntary work in the community. The council agreed to the proposal on the condition that the advice on adapting housing would be provided on a voluntary basis. Further schneider informed in the evening that there will be 50 euro compensation for election workers this year.

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