Weisendorf zubzas have a rickshaw

The people of weisendorf will have to get used to a somewhat exotic ride on the streets: in the future, a rickshaw will draw attention to itself. At a small ceremony and the church consecration the rickshaw of the zubzas was presented and put into operation.

Next to the restaurant "cabire the zubzas had lined up and were waiting for mayor alexander tritthart (CSU) to unveil the original indian rickshaw in his presence. "This is certainly the most beautiful rickshaw in bavaria", announced ernst klimek.

Zubzas want to build a school
Klimek of the zubzas was able to bury pastor lars rebahn, vicar james nangachiveetil and pastor maria reichel as well as a number of sponsors. Klimek briefly reported on the beginnings of the zubzas, from pen-pal friendships to school partnerships and aid for the whole of nagaland. A new project is now in the pipeline: a school is to be built in peducha. The school there is more like a cowshed, wrote father karippai from peducha. So the children were taught in winter at zero degrees celsius in a board shack – and that with about 150 children. The new school will have seven classrooms and will be built by the residents themselves (help for self-help). The materials for the construction cost about 14 000 euros.

The zubzas came a little closer to their goal at the rickshaw dedication ceremony. The lottery ticket of this year's "dance gala VHS director monika lehner-kranzfelder handed over 1100 euros, as well as donations from the "kon-takt konzert" (750 euro) by regina lehninger. In addition, bricks with a picture of the children from nagaland can now also be purchased.

Mayor alexander tritthart was proud of the weisendorf children "this is an incredibly great thing that you are doing there." Tritthart also praised the appearance of the zubzas in the bavarian state parliament "you have stolen the show from all the others and have attracted the attention of ministers and deputies." Tritthart also found it remarkable that the children of weisendorf did not show any shyness, even from minister-president horst seehofer (CSU), and immediately took him in hand.

Tritthart made a valiant effort
After the church representatives had consecrated the rickshaw and the sponsor sign was attached by manfred hagen, of course a test drive had to be made. Burgermeister tritthart put up a brave fight and only strayed from the path once. "That's something you get used to", he said.
Then it was pastor james' turn, the children probably foresaw the disaster, an "oh-oh" was there to hear, apparently they knew his fahrkunste. James dear pastor reichel and lars rebhan got on and pedaled away. He also underestimated the steering and promptly landed in the pit, much to the amusement of the children. After the ride was pushed back, lars rebhan jokingly said, "james, straighten out that tree you knocked over."

"I have never driven such a thing", the indian-born clergyman apologized after the drive was freed from the bush again.
Until the weekend, there is still a little time left for the rickshaw, because it will be one of the highlights of the jubilee procession of the market town of weisendorf. The zubzas want to present the rickshaw in schools, it will be taken to performances of the zubzas and klimek can imagine to rent the exotic ride.

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