Weisendorf senior carnival goes down well

Weisendorf senior carnival goes down well

By ortwin fischer

60 visitors – more than ever before – were welcomed by the weisendorf mayor to the 6. Ocumenical senior carnival buried. The first visitors arrived shortly after 1 p.M., although the official start was scheduled for 2 p.M. "Tritthart and friends had provided enough cakes and pies, the team of the evangelic parish under the leadership of margit gegner for drinks and a smooth running. For the mood music was ekkehard koch in preserved manner responsible.

Naturally, the weisendorfer blummazupfer were there with their purzel-garde – this time in pippi longstocking costumes – and the young dance guard. Because the purzel still needed some time for their subes outfit, kapt'n hans, alias 3, got into the car. Mayor hans kreiner, already in the butt. He told of man's best and indispensable friend – the handkerchief. He also told some senior jokes and asked quiz questions. The blummazupfer inspired with their garden, especially the still very loose acting furzel, while the dance guard already performed with much seriousness and eagerness. Before the veren marched off, there were decorations for hans kreiner and the 90-year-old and thus oldest participant otto mack.

Mayor talks about his everyday life
Pastor lars rebhan reported in sailor costume about the situation of the church today and recommended to take an example from the young church, which had worked with great success almost 2000 years ago.
Of course, mayor tritthart went into the butt again and rhymed about his daily work, the problems and events that land on his table and was relieved that the story of the king's grave was a joke, since he is actually the king of weisendorf. Judging by the applause, he was right.

Gretel mack praised the situation of the senior citizens in weisendorf, for whom a lot is being done, and senior otto got the fools – almost all of them costumed, by the way – going with movement games. Before the "kick out" such a day…" The chairman of the seniors' advisory council, dieter goebel, went into the butt.

Tritthart invited the guests to the closing 7. Ocumenical seniors carnival, then again in the parish hall of st. Josef – if a new chairman for the senior citizens' group is found by then. Josef has found. Ortwin fischer has already announced at the end of 2011 that he will resign from his office on 31 december 2011. December 2013 will resign. So far there is no successor.

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