Warning strikes in public service begin

Warning strikes in public service begin

Already immediately after expiration of the peace obligation, isolated temporary work stoppages and actions in enterprises and services were begun, announced the verdi regional district of bavaria. The komba union, which is a member of the german civil service union dbb, also announced actions.

Peine, gottingen, salzgitter and augsburg, among other places, are to be affected. In some regions, daycare centers are to be closed or employees of refuse collection, public utilities, local transport or job centers are to go on strike.

In hamburg, a rally of hundreds of employees is planned before the start of work or during the break. No announcements were initially made from other countries.

The first round of collective bargaining for the 2.3 million federal and municipal employees ended on monday in potsdam without an offer from the employers. The unions had then announced warning strikes.

"We will start with company actions that are not so noticeable for the citizens," said frank bsirske, head of the union, to the bavarian radio station. The warning strikes were expected to "develop from north to south" in the next few days – but still at a very low level.

Negotiations are scheduled to continue after a second round on 12. And 13. March 16. Or 17. April ends. Two years ago, the wage dispute between the federal government and local authorities affected air travelers, local public transport and daycare centers, among others.

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