Up to 65 years in kolping’s entourage

Up to 65 years in kolping's entourage

"Today we can honor several members for 65 years of loyalty to our association. That makes you members of the kolping family longer than some of us here are old!" With these humorous words, chairman matthias simon opened the series of honors at the kolping family in the context of kolping memorial day.

15 members were honored for more than 700 years of membership in the kronach kolping family. In addition, five new members were admitted to the association. Both, the look back into the history and the look forward, are important if the association wants to have a future, said the chairman in his welcoming speech.

A festive service, celebrated by the prases, city pastor thomas teuchgraber, with his kolping family, preceded the festive assembly. More than 60 members had gathered in the parish center of kronach to commemorate their founding father adolph kolping.

"Time to act!"

"It is not time to celebrate, to watch, to let blob whine and complain, but it is time to act!" With these words of adolph kolping the chairman opened the commemoration and reminded of the social responsibility that all kolping members had.

Anti-semitic and radical tendencies, as they are again the order of the day in germany today, could not simply be accepted. Rather, it is the task of all citizens, who refer to a foundation of christian values, to decisively oppose these tendencies and to take a stand. This idea is also a central content of the new annual program, which was presented during the memorial day.

After the honors and the new admissions, st. Nicholas visited the kolping family and illuminated the past year of the association from his perspective. In addition to praise for the many activities of the association, he also packed gifts for the children.

New members of the kronach kolping family are jorg schnappauf, sophie, chiara and philipp mitter and florian fiedler.

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