Tsv elects and honors loyal members

After the funeral by chairman matthias huttl, mayor gotthard schlereth praised all those who take on honorary office and thus responsibility. He thanked TSV oberthulba for its energetic support in the implementation of the herbert neder sports park and also held out the prospect of renovation of the hall floor in the multipurpose hall.
For matthias huttl, the inauguration of the herbert neder sports park was a high point of the past year. He once again thanked all the helpers, also from the other associations: "this was a good sign for the village community."
In his further remarks, he praised the U13 and U15 girls’ tennis teams for their remarkable successes. In the field of youth soccer, all age groups are covered. A little worry about the 1. Fubball team, which is still fighting to keep its place in the district class. Here, trainer oliver schonwiesner threw in the towel during the second half of the season. Stefan eyrich-halbig and gunter pfulb stepped into the breach for him. The club has a total of 647 members, including 200 young people. He thanked all the companies and sponsors who support the club. After the reports of the department heads of the different sports followed the honors and the new elections. With the exception of the position of the getrankewart, all positions could be filled.

Thanks for commitment

After the election, matthias huttl presented a gift to each member who left the board or took over a new office, and thanked them once again for their tireless efforts. Looking ahead to upcoming events, he recalled the sports festival on the first weekend of july.
Under the agenda item "requests and motions," dr. Albin friedrich the word. He used his own example to explain how integration took place in his town 25 years ago and was pleased about all that TSV oberthulba offers for the integration of new citizens.For mayor gotthard schlereth, integration "starts first with the children". He thanked all those who had agreed to take on posts: "this deserves the greatest respect."

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