Truck crashes into traffic jam

Truck crashes into traffic jam

On thursday morning, another tractor-trailer hit the tail end of a traffic jam that had formed on the A 3 in the direction of nurnberg due to a construction site.

According to the police, two truck drivers were slightly injured and property damage of around 130000 euros was caused.

Against 6.40 o’clock in the morning, the 34-year-old driver of a romanian tractor-trailer failed to see the end of the traffic jam on the right lane of the A 3 in the direction of nurnberg. He hit another tractor-trailer, which he pushed onto a third truck.

Trapped in the driver’s cab

In the collision, the person who caused the accident was trapped in his cab. The 51-year-old man in front also suffered minor injuries. Both drivers, who were only slightly injured in the end, were taken to nearby hospitals by ambulance.

Freeway closed for two hours

After the load of the front truck, which consisted of wooden boards, slipped and had to be reloaded, the highway in the direction of nurnberg was completely closed for two hours.

Numerous police and volunteer firefighters from geiselwind, wiesentheid and kitzingen were on the scene. Meanwhile, traffic was diverted by the company nordbayern service gmbh at the geiselwind junction.

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