Trebgast becomes taka-tuka-land

Trebgast becomes taka-tuka-land

The ensemble of "pygmalion has opened the premiere series of the nature stage with a successful performance and thus laid the first foundation stone for a successful season. Tomorrow, friday at 20.30 o’clock follows directly the second strike. Then opens until 17. August the "villa kunterbunt" her doors for the small and rough spectators.

The last time a redhead with striking freckles whirled over the stage on the wehlitz hill was seven years ago. Who does not know them? Pippilotta viktualia rollgardina peppermint efraimstochter langstrumpf, the strongest girl in the world. Who hasn’t wished as a child to be as free and brave as pippi and to experience many an adventure with her and her friends annika and tommy??

This time pippi gets a letter with strange stamps on it. He is from her father efraim I. Longstocking. The captain is longing for his daughter and wants to bring her back to the sudsee island of taka-tuka for a while. Of course, mr. Nilsson, annika and tommy are coming along, too. With the "hoppetosse the friends sail across the sea to taka-tuka land, where they have lots of fun with the children there. Fur arger sorgen nur ein hai und zwei piraten (only a shark and two pirates).

Chairman siegfried kuspert is proud that this year especially the young actors are in the foreground. And on the fact that on the natural stage, for example, children are still played by children. At the first premiere last week, 21-year-old annika kodel completed her first rough role in an adult piece with flying colors. It was also she who, in 2012, as the then "pippi" successfully whirled around the stage.

Now franziska bordfeldt takes over this role in a children’s piece and faces her first rough test of endurance. The 15-year-old is no longer a newcomer; she already made her debut in 2013 with "michel aus lonneberga". She has no problems with her lyrics. "I have a photographic memory. I read through my part, then it actually runs", she is confident. However: "now already a little nervousness comes up", she admits three days before the premiere. But she should not worry about that. That’s what happens to many an "old rabbit still the same after many years. That’s why everyone is sure that she will master this new challenge just as confidently as her previous six appearances.

"Pippi longstocking" has been one of the classics of children’s literature and one of the most frequently performed pieces of children’s theater for over 70 years. Astrid lindgren (1907-2002) invented the stories in the winter of 1941, when her daughter karin was sick in bed and had thought up the name pippi longstocking.

Director raik knorscheidt was also fascinated by the adventures of the whirlwind with the red pigtails. "Now that I have the opportunity to stage ‘pippi in taka-tuka-land’ for the nature stage in trebgast, I am once again studying pippi longstocking and am amazed at the simple wisdom contained in astrid lindgren’s books.", he explains. "A textbook like this only contains the bare text. The whole thing, the coat, I put on the ensemble first. Every director must have this freedom of interpretation to realize his own ideas about the individual characters." Raik knorscheidt is particularly interested in making theater suitable for children and stimulating the imagination of young audiences. Therefore, the stage picture is also deliberately kept simple. "The figure of pippi should be a role model for all children to go their own way with self-confidence. She is not cheeky, but honest. She is funny, courageous, spontaneous and rude. She is kind, helpful and caring." The audience can expect adventure and humor, paired with music and dance.

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