“Tower of remembrance” by sculptor heike metz from langenleiten stands in lohr

For klaus metz, his wife heike’s latest work of art has enormous significance. "It is one of the most important works that a rhon sculptor has created and that has ever left the rhon" he says visibly proud. The artwork is titled "tower of remembrance" and has recently been erected in front of the psychiatric district hospital in lohr. It is a memorial to the memory of euthanasia victims during the nazi dictatorship.

About 600 patients were transferred from lohr and murdered by the national socialists from 1940 onwards. "The suffering, the horror and the murder is not possible to represent artistically", thought heike metz, when she took part in the sculpture symposium "triennale schweinfurt fur zeitgenossische kunst" last fall approached the subject. A memorial for a place of remembrance should be created.

Heike metz decided on a tower rising upwards as a symbol of memory, which on the one hand constricts and holds, but also preserves, and on the other hand offers the possibility of widening the view in the upper part. The stairs on the tower wrap themselves around the memory like a clasp, driving into emptiness or colliding with the wall. "Whoever refuses to remember, evades and does not want to accept it, runs into the void or hits walls", explained heike metz. "An exit from memory, thus a displacement, always leads to emptiness, to nothingness. The tower of remembrance is thus a symbol of personal remembrance and social remembrance." The tower has a strong surface structure, symbolic of the fact that memory is always something living.

Especially the memory in connection with the euthanasia victims in lohr was so frightening that heike metz did not want to remain in horror. In the upper open part of the tower, she has integrated the stairs into the memory and they widen into the high. For heike metz a symbol of acceptance and ultimately transcendence. "I believe in the good and a good outcome at the end of time."

For klaus metz, his wife’s work of art is a "timeless confrontation" with the theme of memory, which will retain its expressive power for generations to come.

The memorial was dedicated at a ceremony at the end of june. The physician, psychiatrist and author michael von cranach researches the history of the murder of mentally and physically ill people, the so-called "life unworthy of life" in the nazi state for many years. Cranach put the total number of victims at at least 270.000.

Even though the bronze casting of the tower of remembrance is now in lohr, heike metz has kept the plaster model. It is in the exhibition on 6. And 7. July to see. Klaus metz shows new work "shot from the hoof", which at first glance seem unfinished, but in their rough structure are exactly as intended. There are representations of different animals, with the chain saga cut from old oak beams. The subject of animals has occupied klaus metz for a long time, this series is a continuation of his previous bronze castings.

On saturday, july 6 and sunday, 7. July the rooms of heike and klaus metz are open from 11 a.M. To 6 p.M. Prior registration is not necessary. The address is : lindenstrabe 46 in langenleiten.

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