The week: when in the living room main will be puzzled again

The week: when in the living room main will be puzzled again

Herbert volkamer re-elected mayor of markt einersheim with almost 99 percent of the vote. A dream result that should be celebrated. But a celebration with all his followers was not possible in the corona year, as volkamer reported this week during the mayor's walk through his little village. He had probably invited all those who did not vote for him to a party. The goal should finally be the 100 percent mark in six years' time. Or was that already election manipulation?

The district office, on the other hand, had no choice. If the seven-day incidence in the district rises above 35, general restrictions are threatened again. In some households, this statement has already led to parents taking the already dusty puzzles out of the cellar again, as in march and april. But: the incidence in the district is still at eleven. So continue to wear a mask and keep your distance, then you won't have to do the puzzle again in the fall.

On the chair over the main

For martina ullrich, who runs a travel agency in iphofen, the corona pandemic is a medium catastrophe. At the moment, no one wants to go abroad, not least because of the threat of a quarantine. Maybe ullrich should specialize in trips to the altmain instead. For some people in astheim, reading these lines is enough to make the jugular swell, even though the situation has just eased somewhat with the onset of bad weather. But for ullrich, it could be the jackpot that people usually play for in their lottery business, which they do on the side to keep their heads above water.

Finally, the most curious news of the week: according to the police, officers discovered a living room chair in the main river this week. Someone wanted to watch the spectacle at the mainschleife from very close and not give up his comfortable armchair. The main problem was that the distance to the cold beer in the fridge could be quite long. And there was probably also wet fube in the living room main. And doing a puzzle with the kids will certainly be difficult there too.

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