The sandhofen suburb had its own wall?

"We do not know exactly what the stones mean, but we must assume that they are the bottom layer of an old building foundation", says archaeologist anke kober. Together with her colleague reiner burkhard, she is documenting and surveying the uncovered stone foundation, which is located about one meter below the roadway.

For the redesign of the neubruckentorstrabe, it had been a requirement of the state office for the preservation of historical monuments for the city of ebern to bring in archaeologists in case of such a discovery, who then accompany the tree removals, explains reiner burkhard. "Archaological construction supervision" the whole thing is then called.
He hopes that the find will help: "it’s primarily about medieval ruins in the sandhofer suburb. This may answer the question whether the suburb had its own fortification wall?"

The two scientists have also discovered some old pottery shards in the excavation pit. And much more important: even a transverse wall borders on the find. But it can’t just be uncovered like that, because "we weren’t allowed to dig wildly, we had to stick to the construction plan, explains anke kober.
She looks forward to further discoveries during the upcoming construction work on the parking lot in the untergasse. These were then "more meaningful than here in the trench area, because the area there is post-medieval undeveloped".

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