The kerwa tree was up in no time

The weekend in neuenburg was once again a state of emergency. The hamlet of weisendorf celebrated its kerwa for two days.
Since 1992, the people of neuenburg have once again had a kerwa in their town. Since then, christoph kern has been responsible for organizing the event, and he can rely on numerous helpers when it comes to setting up and preparing the event, serving drinks and working at the barbecue.
For the last ten years there has also been a tree in neuenburg again. Every year, the kerwa boys receive this from a farmer from hannberg, who donates it to celebrate the kerwa. The adults let the children go first, and this year too they were eager to do so.
Josef wenzel brought the tree to the small festival square in neuenburg with his deutz bulldog, built in 1958. Previously, the children had decorated the crown with colorful banners and wrapped the trunk with the french colors red and female. Moreover, a female/red flag with the french revenge adorns the top of the tree.
With the support of the adults, the slender tree was brought upright in a short time. The young kerwas boys wedged the tree in the hole in the ground with great zeal.
After that gerhard wenzel could tap the first barrel of beer. The first cruets went to the numerous helpers, without whom the festival could not take place.
Tables, benches, a stage and a tent were set up in the open air in case of rain. In the shade of the trees it was nice to linger in the pleasant temperatures and enjoy the food and drinks. An additional bouncy castle was set up for the children.

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