The jusos make speed

The jusos from forchheim saw themselves as the motor of the SPD when they were founded a year ago. It is not only the SPD’s youth association that thinks this is a good idea. Not only the unanimous re-election of the chairman and the well-filled office, but also the balance sheet of the past year spoke in favor of this.
In their report, chairman paul wichtermann and deputy chairman bettina drummer described the remarkable growth: the juso district association had grown by a third to just under 70 members. The jusos’ activities were also summed up in detail. They had not only taken a stand on content – including the housing project for recognized asylum seekers in reuth – but had also drafted local policy motions on the culture of remembrance.
According to the press release, the jusos had always been visible in the cultural scene. During the election campaign, the jusos were not only present at every information booth, but were also on the road throughout the district, especially in areas where the SPD does not have a local association. In the upcoming election campaign, they want to repeat this, because with list candidate richard schmidt, a juso is also running for the state parliament.
Eva wichtermann, deputy chairwoman of the forchheim local association, was particularly pleased that the jusos had given the forchheim local association a good run for its money. In particular, she highlighted the numerous motions of the jusos, which resulted in lively discussions within the SPD. She was impressed by the rough response to the motion on the culture of remembrance. "You are moving something, here in forchheim, but also at the national level", eva wichtermann summarized. SPD state parliamentary candidate atila karabag emphasized that the jusos were primarily committed to issues long forgotten by the SPD. For example, the youth association has long been vehemently opposed at the federal level to permanent employment contracts – and locally to the culture of remembrance.
In the new elections, chairman paul wichtermann (kersbach) was unanimously confirmed in office by the 15 members present. Lea wolter (forchheim), richard schmidt (hausen), bettina drummer (weilersbach) and marc freisinger (eggolsheim) were elected as his deputies. Justus sprott from forchheim was elected as font driver.
Finally, three motions from the pen of lea wolter were discussed. Awareness of excessive speed should be raised. Especially in the willy-brandt-allee, motorists are driving much too fast. The jusos therefore passed a motion for more speed displays at traffic junctions. It was also decided that municipalities should make it compulsory for every citizen to have an organ donor card from the age of 16. The SPD also wants to repeat this theme in the election campaign, because with the list candidate richard schmidt, a juso is also running for the state parliament. So that everyone is confronted with the issue at least once.
A motion calling for domestic beekeepers was referred back to wolter. It was praiseworthy that communities such as grafenberg had banned pesticides from communal areas. Something has to be done about the disappearance of the bees, is how the chairwoman of the juso subdistrict of bamberg-forchheim, julia schippers, summed up the picture of opinion.

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