Thanks to anton on the winner’s podium

thanks to anton on the winner's podium

T he "building in bad kissingen" photo competition, organized by the city of bad kissingen, the main post and the saale-zeitung, the competition was a great success: over 30 photos were submitted. Whether love of detail or the overview – each was an eye-catcher. But: a decision had to be made. Now it is clear who won the competition.

The first prize goes to michael renninger from bad kissingen. Not to be beaten was the motif he chose: his grandchild anton, who turns three in september. Like all boys he can’t get away from the view of construction sites. And this is how michael renninger captured anton standing in front of a construction site where an orange excavator is burrowing into the earth. Funny: in his little hands anton himself holds an orange plastic excavator. For this great shot michael renninger gets to experience bad kissingen from above with a person of his choice in a sightseeing flight.

Second prize went to martina zurek, who works in the office of a construction company. She captured the quiet construction site on prinzregentenstrabe – and depicted the water reflection so perfectly that the perspective is confusing at first glance. What was also impressive about this photo was the wide variety of structures that martina zurek discovered and photographed here. For this, she and another person can spend a day at the kisssalis thermal baths.

Two tickets for the kissinger summer 2020 were awarded to the third place winner elisabeth miller. The jury was particularly impressed by the colors of the photo, and the woman from hammelburg perfectly caught the moment when light and shadow created the most beautiful atmosphere.

The jury did not have it easy. Mayor kay blankenburg, his personal advisor mario selzer, katja romeis from the city council’s new old town project team, saale newspaper editorial director susanne will, siegfried farkas, deputy editorial director of the main post bad kissingen, and saale newspaper editor benedikt borst had to choose three photos from over 30 entries. It would have been easier if the level had not been so high! Many photographers chose a very unusual look to show that construction sites can actually have an artistic quality if the viewer pays attention to shapes, colors, light and shadow.

In the end the three photos remained. The three places were awarded by point distribution. The three were very happy about the award. Michael renninger has been photographing for 40 years. He used to use a canon A1, but now he relies on digital as well. "I knew right away that I had to take my grandson anton with me for a construction site photo", he tells. That it then became the first place, made him happy. His son, anton’s father, may accompany him on the flight.

Martina zurek only picks up the camera when she has the time to do so. "It is always dependent on the mood, the photos are sometimes gloomy, sometimes happy", she tells. Elisabeth miller, on the other hand, always seems to have a camera with her. She recently exhibited her work together with others in hammelburg.

From 2. September, all the photos submitted will be on display at the civil engineering department, maxstrabe 23, in an exhibition that will run until september 30. September to see.

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