So enthusiastic about sports young and old

So enthusiastic about sports young and old

In front of a large and interested audience, the departments of the gymnastics club presented an excerpt from their varied offer for young and old. The members convincingly showed how many possibilities there are to stay in motion, to keep physically fit and to practice community spirit.
The visitors came for different reasons. "It used to be fun for me, too", said a somewhat older visitor. Already the colorful entrance with the club flag and the matching music was worth seeing. Chairman jurgen gabelein, who acted as moderator, was pleased with the attendance. He emphasized at the beginning that nothing special was introduced for this sports gala. The only thing that matters is to show how the individual exercises are organized in the respective departments.
Winfried weinbeer, chairman of the sud-oberfranken gymnastics association and deputy BLLV district chairman, said that people are born to move. Therefore, the gymnastics clubs are indispensable. The "mixed gymnastics" made the start of the performances, which is heading for its 25th anniversary. Head of department hellmuth kiesewetter said that the exercises were for keeping healthy and brought a gain in quality of life. Using a pezzi ball, bucket and drumsticks, members performed spirited and tactful exercises that resonated with the crowd. "You could join in right away", said one visitor.

Fit through the winter
The department with the oldest followed with the "redwitzer turnzwergen" between two and a half and five years of age the youngest. Accompanied by their moms, dads or even grandparents, they had quickly conquered the hearts of the visitors. Head brigitte ammon stated that the aim was to introduce the participants to sporting activities in a playful way.
"Fit through the winter is the youngest offer, as chairman gabelein know dear. It evolved from the mountain bike group as a counterbalance to cycling, to keep fit in winter as well. In the meantime, however, athletes from all departments took part in the event. Director martin paulusch invited the audience to join in and quickly had a huge gymnastics group in front of him.
Enthusiasm was also shown by the "redwitz sports cannons, second youngest troop of the association, with their leaders elke jahnel, karin gabelein, alexandra martin and kathrin patzold. The little ones had already mastered their exercises on classical gymnastics apparatus, and many people watched with envy as they remained uninhibited.
Martin and nicole paulusch and lisa grunbeck surprised the audience with an extra performance on indoor bicycles. "Riding in the hall is good, but the land is missing", the head of the MTB-kids department stated at the beginning of the game. But with acrobatic exercises and the appropriate music they showed true tricks on the so-called spinning wheels and thus compensated for the missing land.
"The net stands", gabelein moved on to the volleyball department. Individual ball control, impressive moves and team play were demonstrated by the players under the direction of heiko wagner, accompanied again and again by applause. Heiko wagner and jasmin hagenbucher presented their "volleyball kids" as a rather young but already experienced department.

Popular nordic walking
Nordic walking" is still a hot topic, and hellmuth kiesewetter and conny engelmann showed the joy that this brisk movement in the fresh air can bring. While the members did their rounds in the hall, kiesewetter informed about interesting facts and important for the run with the sticks.
The transition to the "mountain bike kids" was a smooth one, who had their own sports equipment with them on their bicycles. Impressive was with the strong troop the safe handling of the bike. Depending on their age, the bikers demonstrated different levels of difficulty and technical exercises, from standing to jumping, under the guidance of their coaches anita and martin paulusch. Wheel control does not come by itself, but requires regular and targeted training.
With much applause the guests confirmed their pleasure in this sports gala, which was not over with the last performance. Many took the opportunity to linger and talk to the training managers and members.

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