Sheepdog “drago” hates burglars


ATS kulmbach does not have one worry: that someone could break into the sports home in weiher. An attempt to get in there was also badly received by the burglar. Because there stop "drago watch. And "drago can't stand burglars at all. "He actually hardly likes anyone", says carmen gorler, the leaseholder of the stadium guesthouse, about her sheepdog and has her hands full trying to bandage the four-legged powerhouse.

22.000 euro damage
At ATS the serial burglar had bad cards. Elsewhere he was more successful, makes since a month sports homes in kulmbach and surrounding area unsafe. It all started on 4. December in katschenreuth – and ended for the time being at the weekend at vfb kulmbach. A total of nine burglaries – total damage 22,000 euros.

"Drago" and it's probably thanks to the hostess that the ATS has been spared so far. "We have never had a break-in", says ATS fubball department head jorg braun. "Our country is also fenced in, and the gates are locked at night." Also the warning signs that there is a watchdog here, deter potential offenders, believes braun. As a police chief superintendent, he knows what he is talking about.

But what do sports clubs do that don't have a "drago"? And do not have a sport home landlady? Police officer braun (schwabach police station) advises them to contact a criminal police advice center. "There are experts who look at an object together with the responsible persons of the clubs and analyze how the building can be protected. They know the latest technology in doors, glaziers, video surveillance and alarm systems."
According to braun, clubhouses ("where there's really not much to take") can often be effectively secured with little resources and a little personal effort. For example, solid window grilles and a rough iron bar for the entrance door. "The longer a perpetrator takes and the more auand he has, the greater the risk of detection." Or motion detectors: "when light comes on, that also deters."

Take a close look
The chief inspector further recommends to sensitize the members of the club. "Keeping a close eye on strangers hanging around the sports grounds and taking down the license plates of suspected cars gives the police a starting point when something happens." It would also be helpful for the investigators to have a webcam filming the burglar.

At the BC leuchau, window grilles and a sturdy entrance door have already deterred one burglar, reports 2. Chairman stephan dressel. At present it is considered "whether we install a camera". TSV kodnitz, says head of the soccer department volker muller, has renovated its sports center to make it more energy-efficient and has installed modern security technology in the windows and doors. Dressel and muller hope "that the culprit will soon be caught".

No trace yet
But the police have "no solid leads or concrete clues yet", according to the head of the kulmbach investigation team, martin friderichs. "But we are working on catching the burglar or burglars soon." He assumes "that it is always the same perpetrators. They take a brutal approach to gaining access to the properties."

In the nine cases the theft damage amounts to 10.500 euro. The property damage is estimated at 11.500 euro still high. Not only money was stolen, but also televisions, computers, stereos, alcohol and food. Friderichs calls on the neighborhood to be vigilant: "it helps us most if witnesses have seen something."

Vfb: not the serial offender?
At vfb kulmbach, where the most recent burglary took place last weekend,
you can't believe that the serial killer was at work again. "He knew his way around our sports center, it wasn't the first time he'd been there", says club treasurer stefan sahr.

According to him, the burglar who made no loot, but caused 1500 euros of damage to windows and doors, is "quite deliberate" proceeded. The perpetrator has destroyed all the motion detectors used to turn on the lights in the hallway. In addition, according to sahr, money was apparently specifically sought: the proceeds of the indoor soccer city championship, which the vfb hosted at the weekend. But the money was safe in the bank for a long time. On the other hand, stereo equipment, computers and fax machines, which were stolen from other clubs, remained untouched.

Sahr suspects that the perpetrator is to be sought in football circles. "Because he has a rough insider knowledge." And because no bowler's or guardian's home has been affected so far either.

The vfb is considering installing cameras and additional lighting on the outside of the building. Because three burglaries in five years are more than enough.

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