Seven people killed by “super” typhoon “goni” in the philippines

Seven people killed by 'super' typhoon 'goni' in the philippines

Typhoon goni killed at least ten people in the philippines and drove hundreds of thousands of residents from their homes.

According to the weather service, the hurricane, dubbed a "super" typhoon, with gusts of up to 295 kilometers per hour, first made landfall overnight in the province of catanduanes in the east of the island nation. It later softened somewhat. The storm covered roofs, knocked down trees and power poles, and flooded roads and villages.

The weather service warned of "catastrophically violent" winds, heavy rainfall and storm surges. "Goni" – also known as "rolly" in the philippines – is considered the world’s strongest hurricane of the year so far. It is also the strongest typhoon to hit the southeast asian island nation since "haiyan" in november 2013. At that time, more than 6300 people died and more than four million people lost their homes. Swedish climate activist greta thunberg expressed her concern. Her thoughts are with all those affected by the typhoon, she wrote on twitter on sunday.

Goni" was particularly severe in albay province on the main island of luzon, where nine of the deaths occurred. Three of them drowned when a river overflowed its banks and a dike burst, local government chief al bichara said. In addition, one person was killed by a falling tree. "This is possibly the strongest storm i have ever seen in my life," bichara told reporters.

Muddy water flooded some villages, and residents had to take refuge on the roofs of their houses. Power out in many places. In albay, the typhoon itself damaged some of the emergency shelters, bichara added. Another death was reported in the province of catanduanes.

Initially, it was expected that the typhoon could also reach the capital region manila. But the storm had changed its course somewhat, so that this danger is probably averted, the weather service announced. The international airport there has nevertheless been closed until monday as a precautionary measure. Some shopping centers also closed. In total, more than 421.000 people fled the storm, civil defense said.

Only last week, typhoon "molave" had killed 23 people in the philippines, almost 800.000 residents had to leave their homes. And the next storm is already on the way, warned the weather service: typhoon "atsani" is approaching the north of the country with wind gusts of up to 90 kilometers per hour.

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