Scholz wants stable pension levels

Scholz wants stable pension levels

SPD chancellor candidate olaf scholz wants to ensure a stable pension level of 48 percent of average working income.

"Under a CDU/CSU government, every contributor should be prepared for a drop in pension levels," the federal finance minister told the newspaper bild am sonntag. "That will not happen with me. I guarantee a stable pension level of 48 percent." Reservations about funding in the coming decades he does not share. "If there are many jobs with decent wages in germany, the pension is secure."At the end of the decade, the tax subsidy for pensions will certainly have to be increased "somewhat. "That should be worth a secure pension to us," said scholz.

In response to a ruling by the federal fiscal court on double taxation, the finance minister also wants to ease the burden on both contributors and pensioners: "first, I don’t want to make pension contributions fully tax-deductible until 2025, but before that. Secondly, I want to push the full taxation of pensions further back – it is not to take effect until 2060 and not, as previously planned, as early as 2040. All this helps the contributors and pensioners."

Since 2005, the changeover in pension taxation has been underway. This means that until 2005, employees’ pension contributions were taxed "upstream" – i.E. Before retirement. This will now be gradually changed. From 2025, pension contributions will be fully tax-exempt, and from 2040 onwards, only the pensions paid out will be fully taxed. Currently there are about 142,000 complaints by pensioners against their tax assessments.

CSU leader markus soder, meanwhile, is linking the implementation of the extended mother’s pension after the federal elections to his party’s participation in the government. "It doesn’t matter who we govern with, but that’s a condition," said the bavarian minister-president on saturday at the CSU’s list-setting for the federal election in nurnberg. The CSU is calling for older mothers to be credited with three pension points per child, instead of two and a half. The CDU had recently prevented the CSU’s demand for a mother’s pension from being included in the union’s election program. It should therefore be included in a separate CSU program for the election.

Scholz wants to ease the burden on taxpayers as well as pensioners. Today’s top income tax rate of 42 percent should not take effect "until much later," said the SPD candidate for chancellor. In addition, singles should in future only be taxed on annual gross incomes above 100 euros.000 euros, married persons above 200.000 euros will pay the future top rate. 96 percent of taxpayers have been relieved, for the upper four percent it will be "somewhat more expensive.

The finance minister disclosed his salary in the "bild am sonntag" with a good 200.000 euro gross per year to. "My salary makes you rich in germany," said scholz. He thinks it is right for someone with such a high income as himself to pay more taxes.

FDP secretary general volker wissing warned against tax increases. They target the middle class as the heart of the national economy, said wissing in berlin. That would be poison for their recovery. Instead, people and companies were to be relieved of the burden. The FDP therefore shares the demand that the top income tax rate should not take effect until much later.

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