Schafkopf, venison stew and kerwas music

For the exhibitors the sun came late, but it came. But whether this will save a rainy and snowy martinikirchweih dear? At any rate, the traditional monday morning proceeded in the usual, happy manner. But there it is also mainly about indoor events. The non-working morning for city employees at the vereinshaus and the early pint at the braustube heller were both very well attended.

There will have been just under 250 guests buried by the city’s staff council on monday morning in the clubhouse. All of them got vouchers for food and drink and on top of that a funf-euro-bill; it could be that one or the other or his children or grandchildren still wanted to visit a car shop in the main street. As always, everything was paid for out of the staff council’s coffers.

A high priority at the martini party is the bargaining of city pensioners. This year they were joined by two "guest workers, as norbert lukasczyk noted. Together with heiner kaltenhauber he forms the hard core, both have been there for several decades. Yesterday, the two "at the table of the old supplemented by christoph dickas and ludwig lohmayer. The schafkopf was interrupted only by a minute’s silence for another kartel veteran – hans-heinrich ("kees") weber, who died three years ago.
The city’s fruhschoppen itself dates back to the mid-1950s, as former staff council chairman lukasczyk recalls. He himself had been with the city since 1958, since he was 14 years young "and that was when the fruhschoppen already existed."

Druben in der hauptstrabe, in der braustube heller, it went high with live played kerwasmusik. The squeezing sounds were provided by ingo singer and the tuba by peter persin. And in addition the heller cult dish for the martinikirchweih, the venison stew, was served.

The traditional fruhschoppen also attracted the interest of georg romer. The hochstadter is not only the chairman of the local home association and active musician of the hornochsenband and therefore by no means an unknown person at the heller. Romer is also a kreismusikpfleger and as such he took a closer look at ingo and tuba-peter. The duo is now included in the illustrious circle of those who uphold folk music, said romer. To be seen on ERH-TV.

Speaking of music. Singer also advertised a trip to munich for his band, the heckenmusikanten. There they got an invitation to play in the hofbrauhaus, ernst klimek announced. Two busses take the followers there, seats are still available. For ingo this is exactly the right company: in the series of the kirchweihmontage in haundorf and with the heller fit such an appearance in the hofbrauhaus completely well into it.

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