Sausage and newspaper under palm trees

Readers of the saale newspaper were able to enjoy a first bavarian breakfast under palm trees on saturday at the city beach in summery temperatures. They had the opportunity to talk to editorial director paul ziegler, managing director alexander subat or editors thomas mauser and thomas schulze.
Hans krambo (garitz), bemangelte that there was a problem distribution-wise, because the ad sheet sometimes too is delivered late. Apart from that, he is pleased that the newspaper is also updated on the internet: "I wanted to tell my son in america about the laudenbach case. I already know", he answered, "I read it on the internet in the saale newspaper". Robert fischer gave a suggestion for reporting: from the graduation house to the campground, the free state has installed new lights and illumination. "This is all of the finest, the newspaper should pick up on it." It would be important for him to know how energy consumption has changed. The saale newspaper has already reported on this several times.
The saale newspaper is not read in berlin, but it is the daily reading of berliners in bad kissingen. Monika and rainer forster actually only travel to berlin "to check on the mail", they say. The couple spends the rest of the year in bad kissingen, reading the saale newspaper. They wondered why "every car scraper" here the newspaper says. They don't know this from the press in berlin. "Here you can find out what is happening on the ground. Not in berlin.", says editorial director paul ziegler. The couple thought it would be better if the newspaper was also printed here. "Whether the newspaper is printed here or somewhere else doesn't matter, the important thing is that it is produced here", says paul ziegler. Even the grob newspaper merges, he explains.
The sale newspaper also has loyal readers in munnerstadt. Ingrid and karli zeischka got married 49 years ago "and from that day on we have the saale-zeitung", says karli zeischka. Karin kippes from neuwirtshaus has been reading the local newspaper for 25 years and is satisfied with it. Gerhard bulheller from munnerstadt is satisfied with his newspaper. He takes a look as early as five o'clock in the morning. Around six o'clock, it is read by his wife, then by the grandfather in the house, and in the afternoon he reads it again more intensively.

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