Raoul korner remains coach of medi bayreuth

Raoul korner remains coach of medi bayreuth

The medi supporters spent a long time speculating about what to do next with raoul korner. Now the certainty: the 45-year-old austrian remains coach of the bayreuth basketball league team. This was announced by managing director bjorn albrecht on wednesday morning.

"Those who know me know that this season has been very close to my heart and that I am not someone who leaves things unfinished, said raoul korner. "It didn't feel right to leave now. We are not at the end here." As the main reason for his stay korner gave besides his personal ambition the rough support from the side of the club, the sponsors and the fans.

Such an encouragement is "self-evident when you get into the play-offs and the top 8 of the champions league for the first time in 20 years". But having broad support when things aren't going so well shows "that I'm in the right place. Korner: "this also motivates me to continue and to revive the euphoria of the first two seasons."

Bjorn albrecht pleased about the austrian's commitment. "We have committed ourselves to each other in order to bring the development of the site further forward", said albrecht. Both medi bayreuth and korner had had the option of opting out of the contract, which still had a year to run, by a certain date. Albrecht is convinced that the common path is not yet over: "we will start next season with massive hunger full through."

Discharge at korner

Korner, albrecht and sporting director matthias haufer agreed on the direction for medi bayreuth's future. The past season, on the other hand, was assessed differently by the manager and the trainer. "It was the third most successful season since the return to the top flight in 2010", said albrecht. "For me personally, it was a calm and relaxed game time, because we didn't have to think about relegation for a second." It also shows how stable medi bayreuth is in the meantime.

For korner this is "only a small consolation". The 45-year-old made it clear: "it has been a disappointing season. Three years ago, the team was in 12th place and had qualified for the champions league, won 14 games and had a realistic chance of reaching the play-offs by the 32nd round. Matchday highly satisfied. We are no longer." The ambitions in bayreuth basketball had risen due to the successes in the past years.

Korner was satisfied with the team lineup before the season started. "But the preparation was already bumpy," said, the austrian recalled. "Until the start of the season we had no training with the complete team." David stockton joined the team late, bastian doreth was away with the national team, hassan martin and adonis thomas were injured.

The same pattern over and over again

At least we managed to qualify for the champions league against the polish club polski cukier toru. "That was certainly one of the highlights of the season", said korner. But early in the season he noticed a pattern: "we lost a lot of games by a narrow margin. At times we had the opponent under control and dominated the game, only to let it slip away in the end." A leadership player who radiates calm and sovereignty was missing. Although you have such a player with doreth, but one is not enough, said korner. In the meantime, things got better, when we won nine matches in a row across the competition.

But the injury to star player hassan martin in january threw the team off track. Although the derby win at brose bamberg and the narrow defeat at FC bayern munchen after a loss were two further high points of the season, the team's "confidence suffered massively" afterwards. Even the signing of returnee kyan anderson brought no improvement. Korner summed it up as follows: "not all the risks have been taken as in previous years. Our designated key players did not work as we needed them to. This made it difficult to establish a hierarchy."

In addition, the 45-year-old complained about how individual players dealt with the replacement: "the body language of some players drove me and many fans up the wall." Humanly understandable, but not from a sporting point of view.

Changes in the squad

There will probably be some changes in the medi bayreuth squad. "It should not be a surprise that we will not see many foreign players again", said korner. Only de'mon brooks is to be kept. With him the responsible persons want to go up to the pain border. The squad for the coming season is to be built around the basic lineup of bastian doreth, andreas seiferth and lukas meisner

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