Ramsthal: rough ahead

The municipality of ramsthal will celebrate its 900th anniversary in 2022. Ideas have already been collected. So there could be a laser show or torchlight walks or vineyard in flames. Several meetings of interested citizens and club representatives took place last year to make preparations for the anniversary year. Due to the new elections of mayor and council, further meetings were delayed. Now mayor rainer morper had invited to a new meeting, which was attended by about 25 ramsthal residents. The tourism committee of the municipal council took over the preparations of the jubilee from the municipal side and sebastian wieber moderated the meeting.

Attach to existing festivals

The previous meetings had already brought together a plethora of ideas about what events, activities and activities could be carried out as part of the anniversary celebration. One of the considerations was to attach various events and happenings to existing festivals in the community in order to increase their attractiveness and not to compete with them. The festivities will ensure the appropriate supply and the additional staff will be limited. The aim is to include all ramsthal events in the jubilee in 2022.

No historical representations

The time of tent festivals for anniversaries is over, and festivals with historical presentations are no longer in vogue, according to the opinion of many of those present. Ramsthal wants to present itself as a village in a beautiful landscape with a future and an attractive present, but at the same time not lose sight of its history. For this reason, an existing chronicle is to be revised and supplemented.

When asked about the possibilities of involving the associations in the events, there were some signals of willingness, but also some reluctance. Since the representatives of the associations in question were not fully present, the topic will be discussed at a meeting of the association community in the fall and a willingness to cooperate will be requested.

Music, art and church

The tendency in the meeting was to create a more coarse event on the part of the community in the village square. Among many other ideas, torchlight walks through the vineyards, gerate exhibitions, dialect cabaret, weinberg in flames or a laser show are on the list of possibilities. Musical, artistic and ecclesiastical events are also being considered.

From the meeting, various working groups have now been formed to deal with the content of the program, marketing and also the processing of the chronicle. At the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021, a new joint meeting will take place.

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