Protective suits for the children during the joint bee project

Protective suits for the children during the joint bee project

A bee colony has been living in the novice garden since summer 2017. Where once the augustinians took care of the beekeeping, there is a second site of the beekeeper munnerstadt. This resulted in a project between the "friends of the novice garden"(AVM), the five-year-old boys and girls of the kindergarten of munnerstadt and the beekeepers. The most important goal is to teach the children about the importance of bees in nature.

The chairs in the kindergarten bistro were all occupied, and the little ones were amazed when dieter scholzke and petra rohracker set up their equipment. The two explained vividly how the bees live, feed and reproduce with the help of charts. Curiously they searched for eggs and maggots in the tiny combs. The smoker pot to calm the bees, the broom to sweep them off the combs, and a hook to separate the frames were also very special.Trying on the protective suits was exciting. These were made available by the commissioner for youth, city councilor klaus schebler.

Creating a bee pasture

So that the children can continue to contribute to the preservation of the bees, they will create a bee pasture during the next project day. For the food supply
must be available from spring to autumn. By the visit of the bees in the flowers they are dusted and the nectar for honey is stored in the hive. Fruit can only grow if a bee has visited the flower beforehand.

Michaela humpfner from the kindergarten and sabine scheuble from the old town association were surprised by the knowledge and interest of the children. At the end, everyone received a booklet about bees and honey gums.

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