Power supply for iss restored after mission

US astronaut sunita williams and her japanese colleague akihiko hoshide needed six hours and 28 minutes for the work in space, according to the US space agency nasa.

It was the second "spacewalk" for the two astronauts within a week, after the repair of the first attempt failed due to a jammed bolt. The ISS is now receiving electricity from all eight solar panels again, it was announced. Previously, only five modules had been working due to the damage; less important instruments had been switched off to save power.

Williams and hoshide first unscrewed the box, then reattached it more firmly and securely. In addition, the space shooters cleaned the manifold at a height of about 400 kilometers and installed a camera on a robotic arm. Three russian cosmonauts and another U.S. Astronaut supervised the risky manover aboard the ISS.

For williams, the mission was a record: she has now spent a total of more than 40 hours in space above the ISS. She thus surpassed her compatriot peggy whitson, who has so far spent a total of 39 hours and 44 minutes on "orbital duty".

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