khedira's absence feared - gotze back in training

The real madrid midfielder was also unable to take part in training for the german national soccer team on sunday in berlin because of a muscle strain in his left thigh suffered in the 6-1 win in ireland.

Khedira was substituted at the break in dublin. He had been taken out of the game in time "before something completely broke", low had reported immediately after the game. "We’ll have to wait and see," he said of the regular player’s chances of being used.

Toni kroos could play khedira in defensive midfield on tuesday evening at berlin’s olympiastadion, as he did in the second half of the game against ireland. The bavarian professional confirmed his good form in dublin not only because of his two goals. The national coach will definitely make one change from the ireland game: captain philipp lahm will return to the team after his yellow suspension against ireland.

Building area

Nadja christmann from the bamberger buro fur stadtebau presented three designs for the future building area. All designs have in common that a multi-family house is planned. There are also 400 to 600 square meters of large plots for single-family houses with a size of up to 13 x 9 meters. The previous coarser growth is to be retained.

Council member peter jordan (uwb) criticized the fact that there is no reserve land planned for the northeast, which may one day be needed for the school. He is in favor of adding a community needs area here. Konrad kreb (CSU) is against the formation of a dead-end street and, looking to the future, would like to include reichenfelser strabe in the project.

Traffic circle is tested

After extensive discussions, mayor klaus schumann (uwb) once again summarized the wishes for change. It is agreed that variant 3 can be ruled out and that a mixture of the other two variants should be created. The reichenfelser strabe is to be integrated, with the consideration of whether a traffic circle can be realized at this point. In the future building area there should not be so many stichstraben as in the different variants presented. It remains to be determined how many sites will be needed and how many public parking spaces will be created. In one of the next municipal council meetings the incorporated changes are to be discussed.

Up to 65 years in kolping's entourage

"Today we can honor several members for 65 years of loyalty to our association. That makes you members of the kolping family longer than some of us here are old!" With these humorous words, chairman matthias simon opened the series of honors at the kolping family in the context of kolping memorial day.

15 members were honored for more than 700 years of membership in the kronach kolping family. In addition, five new members were admitted to the association. Both, the look back into the history and the look forward, are important if the association wants to have a future, said the chairman in his welcoming speech.

A festive service, celebrated by the prases, city pastor thomas teuchgraber, with his kolping family, preceded the festive assembly. More than 60 members had gathered in the parish center of kronach to commemorate their founding father adolph kolping.

thanks to anton on the winner's podium

T he "building in bad kissingen" photo competition, organized by the city of bad kissingen, the main post and the saale-zeitung, the competition was a great success: over 30 photos were submitted. Whether love of detail or the overview – each was an eye-catcher. But: a decision had to be made. Now it is clear who won the competition.

The first prize goes to michael renninger from bad kissingen. Not to be beaten was the motif he chose: his grandchild anton, who turns three in september. Like all boys he can’t get away from the view of construction sites. And this is how michael renninger captured anton standing in front of a construction site where an orange excavator is burrowing into the earth. Funny: in his little hands anton himself holds an orange plastic excavator. For this great shot michael renninger gets to experience bad kissingen from above with a person of his choice in a sightseeing flight.

Second prize went to martina zurek, who works in the office of a construction company. She captured the quiet construction site on prinzregentenstrabe – and depicted the water reflection so perfectly that the perspective is confusing at first glance. What was also impressive about this photo was the wide variety of structures that martina zurek discovered and photographed here. For this, she and another person can spend a day at the kisssalis thermal baths.

The jusos from forchheim saw themselves as the motor of the SPD when they were founded a year ago. It is not only the SPD’s youth association that thinks this is a good idea. Not only the unanimous re-election of the chairman and the well-filled office, but also the balance sheet of the past year spoke in favor of this.
In their report, chairman paul wichtermann and deputy chairman bettina drummer described the remarkable growth: the juso district association had grown by a third to just under 70 members. The jusos’ activities were also summed up in detail. They had not only taken a stand on content – including the housing project for recognized asylum seekers in reuth – but had also drafted local policy motions on the culture of remembrance.
According to the press release, the jusos had always been visible in the cultural scene. During the election campaign, the jusos were not only present at every information booth, but were also on the road throughout the district, especially in areas where the SPD does not have a local association. In the upcoming election campaign, they want to repeat this, because with list candidate richard schmidt, a juso is also running for the state parliament.
Eva wichtermann, deputy chairwoman of the forchheim local association, was particularly pleased that the jusos had given the forchheim local association a good run for its money. In particular, she highlighted the numerous motions of the jusos, which resulted in lively discussions within the SPD. She was impressed by the rough response to the motion on the culture of remembrance. "You are moving something, here in forchheim, but also at the national level", eva wichtermann summarized. SPD state parliamentary candidate atila karabag emphasized that the jusos were primarily committed to issues long forgotten by the SPD. For example, the youth association has long been vehemently opposed at the federal level to permanent employment contracts – and locally to the culture of remembrance.
In the new elections, chairman paul wichtermann (kersbach) was unanimously confirmed in office by the 15 members present. Lea wolter (forchheim), richard schmidt (hausen), bettina drummer (weilersbach) and marc freisinger (eggolsheim) were elected as his deputies. Justus sprott from forchheim was elected as font driver.
Finally, three motions from the pen of lea wolter were discussed. Awareness of excessive speed should be raised. Especially in the willy-brandt-allee, motorists are driving much too fast. The jusos therefore passed a motion for more speed displays at traffic junctions. It was also decided that municipalities should make it compulsory for every citizen to have an organ donor card from the age of 16. The SPD also wants to repeat this theme in the election campaign, because with the list candidate richard schmidt, a juso is also running for the state parliament. So that everyone is confronted with the issue at least once.
A motion calling for domestic beekeepers was referred back to wolter. It was praiseworthy that communities such as grafenberg had banned pesticides from communal areas. Something has to be done about the disappearance of the bees, is how the chairwoman of the juso subdistrict of bamberg-forchheim, julia schippers, summed up the picture of opinion.

Reducing bad loans:ezb urges banks to make progress

The stock of non-performing loans (npls) "remains high at many institutions and this may ultimately have a negative impact on banks’ lending to the economy," the ECB’s banking supervisor noted.

Southern europe’s banks, in particular, have had to struggle with defaulting loan installments to the very end.

In principle, the european central bank (ECB) considers eurozone banks to be resilient and stable. An unnamed money house, however, failed the examination of the capital requirements. This is the result of the ECB’s regular supervisory review and evaluation process (srep).

The "thefelder kermes took place again last weekend. One of the high points was the "hofriedspielen" (farmyard peace games) on monday, the trachtenkapelle theinfeld paraded from house to house.

The kermes started on saturday with the well known good cake and a dance evening in the musikheim, while on kirchweih sunday after the festive service the trachtenkapelle, under the direction of pius ziegler, played the traditional stand concert in the center of the village. Like the stand concert, the afternoon cemetery walk is also considered a fixed event at the theinfeld church fair.

Extra vacation day taken

On monday, many musicians of the trachtenkapelle theinfeld took a day off, because they wanted to participate in the "hofriedspielen" be there. Even master mason peter saal from thundorf, who recently rejoined the traditional band, preferred to play along rather than be on the construction site. But also several former active musicians were present, which emphasizes the importance of the hofried in the annual program. The musicians also got to talk to each other, as it used to be, when theinfeld, with almost 200 inhabitants, even had two chapels, according to chairman thomas schmitt.

Magical moments in the auditorium

At the invitation of the saaletal school in hammelburg, the magician zappalott made a guest appearance in hammelburg. In front of 140 children from the saaletal school and the elementary school am monchsturm in hammelburg, he thrilled them with his "magical" kraften and his well thought-out performance in the auditorium of the saaletal school.

The magician christian perleth from wurzburg fascinated the children with his performance. In keeping with the pre-christmas season, he secured the absolute attention of the small and large spectators throughout the entire sixty-minute performance with a coherent framework story about wishes, wish lists and the anticipation of christmas.

Endless paper queue

Magician zappalott whisked the children away to a land of wonder with his amazing effects: for example, he transformed some snippets of the wish list into a seemingly endless paper snake, which he pulled out of his mouth. An inconspicuous cloth became an endless number of candles, and candles ignited themselves as if by magic. Finally he fulfilled his super wish: it snowed in his "living room" with the consequence that a talking ice bar appeared as if from nowhere, believing he was at the north pole.

Under the motto "my way of jacob in 90 minutes or how a saxonian presenter traded the microphone for the pilgrim’s staff" is a lecture evening in the series "culture under the roof at the monchshof. Speaker will be on friday, 8. February, at 20.30 o’clock marcus poschlod be.

Poschlod has been a "super-poschi" radio presenter in saxony for many years known. He has already worked with the cult duo bottcher& fischer, still a presenter at the station R.SA and is also at home on many stages as a presenter of various events and festivals.

What few people know, however, is that the man from leipzig regularly takes time off to make a pilgrimage on the way of st. James. In the past few years, poschlod has been to france, spain and portugal three times on the way to the tomb of the holy apostle jacobus in santiago de compostela. He covered almost 2,000 kilometers – naturally on fub.

Top or flop? Venice tests flood protection

Slowly, yellow barriers appear on the smooth surface of the water. On this calm summer’s day, nothing at all reminds us of high water here. But the "mose" flood protection system – like a bible prophet – is supposed to protect venice from devastating floods in the future.

Today, the project was fully tested for the first time and nearly 80 mobile flood barriers were deployed at three lagoon entrances. It is a symbolic moment for venice. The politicians were correspondingly coarse. Even head of government giuseppe conte came to open the test in the control room.

From the outside, "mose" (modulo sperimentale elettromeccanico) looks rather unspectacular. The control room is housed in a gray concrete colossus on an island near the lido. It is not immediately obvious that high-tech should protect the unesco world heritage site here. It’s only when you look underground that you get a glimpse of what a complicated undertaking this is. Rough, shiny stainless steel pipes and gray hoses run through a 400-meter-long corridor. Compressed air is to lift the barriers out of the water at high tide, which will then keep adriatic water out of the lagoon and protect the city from "acqua alta.

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