Online advent calendar with music: “power to the tur”

online advent calendar with music: 'power to the tur'

It was a precision landing: the last recordings were made by the choir ensembles of the deaneries of forchheim, sulzbach-rosenberg and windsbach on the day before the second corona lockdown. Just in time, says deanery cantor gerd hennecke (sulzbach-rosenberg): "for a week we were waiting to see if we would be able to meet at all. But it worked." The corona restrictions had not been allowed to come a day earlier.

Because live concerts can no longer take place, church music must completely reinvent itself during the pandemic. This gave church music director hennecke the idea in august to look for an alternative for the expected lockdown in the fall. An online advent calendar was the result of his deliberations. "Power to the tur" was a joint project of the deanery cantors stephanie sporl (forchheim), stefanie hruschka-kumpf (windsbach), markus kumpf (windsbach) and gerd hennecke.

In the past few weeks, 24 video clips have been created that offer advent and christmas music from choirs, wind instruments, organ and solo singers. Also a recording with an alphorn blower is included to present musical pieces "that are off the mainstream", said henneck. Sometimes joyful, mystical or pathetic, they represent the bandwidth of the musical creativity of the three evangelical deaneries.

Every day there will be a different surprise. The singing voices will not be neglected: two of the cantors will be heard as soloists. The gospel choir "voices of joy has also rehearsed pieces.

In addition, the cantors have also thought of specifics from the regions. There was once a farmer’s wife in sulzbach who wrote christmas carols. Hennecke sets these "pirner works" to music, so that now also a popular variant enriches the online advent calendar. "From crude art with the protection works to simple melodies and lyrics, everything is there", declares.

From the churches of the region

The short video clips were lovingly designed and accompanied by atmospheric pictures from the churches of the region. An editor professionally cut the ten-minute strips to size. Hennecke says that technical developments have been made this year. The youtube access already existed since the spring. The kantorei began early not only to stream devotions, but also to edit the recorded videos. The advent calendar is now also benefiting from this: social media access has been transformed into "power to the tur renamed. The slogan connects the song "macht hoch die tur" with the advent calendar turchen. On 1. December starts.

In sulzbach-rosenberg, the recordings are produced not only for the advent calendar. A sound file of it is to be played on holy evening in the christus church. When the services are all held outdoors, you can sit quietly in the church and listen to the sound artwork.

Concert cancellation

The city of forchheim announces that the fourth organ concert with stephanie sporl, deanery cantor from forchheim, as part of the annual concert series "organ music for the weekend" in st. Johannis on friday, 4. December, has to be cancelled. The in the church st. Johannis forchheim planned event was cancelled due to the on 25. November extension of partial lockdown announced by federal and state governments in corona pandemic and related regulations canceled.

Dates 2021

Further dates for the annual concert series "organ music for the weekend in st. Johannis forchheim are planned for 2021: 26. Marz, 7 pm: anne barkowski (altdorf); 2. July, 7 pm: stefanie hruschka-kumpf and stephanie sporl (vierhandig); 22. October, 7 p.M.: matthias schmelmer (berlin), 17. December 2021, 7 pm

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