No advertising for death

Under the motto "no advertising for dying yesterday a small group of the linksjugend bamberg protested in front of the graf-stauffenberg-school of economics. The protest was prompted by a vocational training seminar at the school, at which the german armed forces also presented their job description. The goal of the demonstrators, according to their statements, was to stop the "federal army campaign" to stop what they believe is a "militarization of education as well as society" fure.

In the run-up to the action, the school administration was also called upon by the left-wing youth to disinvite the federal army. Principal martin mattausch rejected this: "the event at our school has a long tradition, and the german armed forces have also been presenting their range of tasks for many years now."

The career advisor of the german armed forces, first lieutenant benjamin geifes, was relaxed about the situation. "That, too, is democracy, and that’s what we stand for as the bundeswehr. Everyone is free to express his opinion." However, such protests tend to be the exception. He has six counties to look after, from forchheim to hochstadt and habfurt, but he hardly ever encounters such demos.

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