New hemhofen altar girls weave themselves into the community

new hemhofen altar girls weave themselves into the community

Father joan vinyeta-punti had chosen the motif of the vine and the branches to symbolize the connection of all and the secure rootedness in god. "The root of a vine can go two to three meters deep into the earth and ensure its existence under the most difficult conditions", pastor joan drew the comparison to a strong, life-giving god. The vines ensure his continued existence and give life rich fulle. Jesus is the framework that makes possible conscious and powerful action.

Here the idea of the senior altar boys came to fruition, who together with the parish priest had prepared this extraordinary service. "We belong together, we form god’s colorful carpet of life", senior altar boy alexander zips described the sense of togetherness within the altar servers.

The five new girls in the altar servers’ ranks were able to weave themselves into the community work of the group with a colored ribbon. "Weaving yourself into a community is an art", the pastor summed up what he was doing and explained: "jesus gives the frame, the vertical threads are the holy spirit and we are the colored threads. The way I deal with it, that’s love", he gave everyone something to take away with them. "Stay with joy in your service", he wished and blessed the five new altar girls.

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