More than 100.000 confirmed corona infections in france

More than 100.000 confirmed corona infections in france

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in france has risen to more than 100.000 increased. There were about 103.500 cases registered, health director jerôme salomon said this evening in paris.

At least 15.700 people have died as a result of infection with the sars-cov-2 virus since the pandemic began.

According to an initial analysis, the average age of the dead was 81, salomon said. Around 6,000 death certificates were examined for this purpose. In 68 percent of the cases studied, those affected had had pre-existing heart or neurodegenerative system conditions, severe hypertension, diabetes or cancer, salomon said.

6730 patients had to be treated in intensive care units, according to the report. That is 91 less than the day before, salomon explained. Still, the number remains very high, the health director stressed.

In italy, the number of people infected with corona is rising much more slowly than before. But the death toll rose again on tuesday, with 602 victims killed in 24 hours. 21 people have died in the country since february.067 people infected with coronavirus, civil defense in rome announced. The total number of traps climbed by just under 1.9 percent to 162.488. This was the lowest percentage increase since the first week of march.

The day before, the civil defense had registered 566 new deaths. An expert had already explained that the continued relatively high death rates do not show the current infection incidence. Rather, these victims had usually already contracted the pathogen weeks ago.

On tuesday, too, there were once again fewer people in intensive care units than the day before. This is important because hospitals, especially in the north, are under great pressure. And the situation in the hospitals has been one of the factors that has determined the measures taken by the politicians.

In italy, slight relaxations of strict protection measures went into effect in many regions on tuesday. Some stores, such as the bookstore, the stationery store, and the baby clothes store, which had been closed, were allowed to reopen. But the fiercely affected lombardy – like some others – made an exception. She does not want to reopen this load so quickly. In addition, in many places it is now compulsory to wear protective masks.

Many stores and all the restaurants and bars in italy are still closed, while the grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and others have always been open. The government in rome has extended the strict exit bans for the burghers before easter until the 3rd of march. May verlangert.

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