Millions of euros in additional funding for species protection in corona times

Millions of euros in additional funding for species protection in corona times

The coronavirus pandemic threatens species conservation in many places. Village communities and wildlife herders are sometimes unable to carry out their conservation duties because their livelihoods have been lost and they are left to care for their families, the world conservation union (IUCN) reported.

The IUCN, together with the EU commission and the organization of african, caribbean and pacific states (OACPS), is therefore providing six million euros in emergency aid. "Because of the pandemic, many village communities that otherwise protect species are struggling for their own survival, and endangered species are coming under greater threat," said IUCN director general bruno oberle. The money is to be used to develop alternative sources of income for people who otherwise make their living from tourism, for example in nature parks. Management of species protection to be made more resilient.

The pandemic has shown the importance of protecting wildlife to prevent the transmission of disease to humans, said jutta urpilainen, the EU commissioner for international partnerships. The sars-cov-2 coronavirus discovered in china at the end of 2019 may have jumped from wild animals to humans. The money is also intended to help minimize the risk of transmitting human diseases to wild animals, especially great apes. In addition, protection measures are to be strengthened because an increase in poaching is to be expected, according to the IUCN.

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