Man-killing vamps, disco bunnies and tight guys

Man-killing vamps, disco bunnies and tight guys

The "coarse ebs carnival ball apparently only three editions needed, in order to underpin its call as one of the outstanding meetings of the french carnival in the region. If you thought you were a real fool, you had to be there in ebermannstadt, and that's exactly what happened.

What is special about the "ebser fasching"?? Certainly the many picture-happy women who, as american cops, cowgirls and man-killing vamps, or as schoolgirls, indian girls and disco bunnies, loved to break out the heat in many a male ball-goer's eyes. On the other side with certainty also the crunchy guys in the "chippendales-look, good looking boys and mature seducer. All this has led to the fact that an actually quite usual carnival ball has become a rough event.

"Sudamerican temptation
The only ones on this evening, which one could feel a little sorry for, were the many honorary aids of the wiesent jesters. They helped at the entrance, in the checkroom, in the service and of course in the kitchen. The athletes from TSV and moggast, who are used to physical strain and movement, mixed refreshing drinks until the early hours of the morning.

Session president gerhard fickert betatte itself on this evening exceptionally once not as "stanislaus", but as a conferencier and announced the dance performances of the youth guard. The young dancers presented a marching dance and then a show dance worth seeing.
The "rough elferratgarde" to the copacabana resembled a "sudamerican temptation" and enthralled the audience with a "samba de brazil" to the copacabana.

With grace and charisma
Amazing that the women could bring so much grace and charisma. Because the dancers had enough to do all evening long to supply the spectators with drinks in the service area. This work they interrupted only for a short moment. Then they freshened up in the dressing room – and jumped onto the stage. The stress of the past few weeks, on the other hand, was still clearly noticeable to the eleven council president horst kiolbassa. "If the landratsamt had given us more seats in the stadthalle, we could easily get rid of a few hundred more tickets", kiolbassa was pleased with the good response.

Oh, yes: at the masquerade ceremony, the male ball-goers were left with only third place, which was taken by the "mabkrug-schlumpfe" could secure. Not to be beaten were the two great brews with the scissors on the second and the stewardesses of the "luftikus-airline" on the first place.

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