Magical moments in the auditorium

Magical moments in the auditorium

At the invitation of the saaletal school in hammelburg, the magician zappalott made a guest appearance in hammelburg. In front of 140 children from the saaletal school and the elementary school am monchsturm in hammelburg, he thrilled them with his "magical" kraften and his well thought-out performance in the auditorium of the saaletal school.

The magician christian perleth from wurzburg fascinated the children with his performance. In keeping with the pre-christmas season, he secured the absolute attention of the small and large spectators throughout the entire sixty-minute performance with a coherent framework story about wishes, wish lists and the anticipation of christmas.

Endless paper queue

Magician zappalott whisked the children away to a land of wonder with his amazing effects: for example, he transformed some snippets of the wish list into a seemingly endless paper snake, which he pulled out of his mouth. An inconspicuous cloth became an endless number of candles, and candles ignited themselves as if by magic. Finally he fulfilled his super wish: it snowed in his "living room" with the consequence that a talking ice bar appeared as if from nowhere, believing he was at the north pole.

For individual pieces of art, he appointed children from the audience as assistant magicians, who helped out energetically.

When the magic spells were spoken by 140 children’s voices, sometimes loudly, sometimes very loudly, or even in a fluttering tone, everyone was convinced that they had helped to perform the magic themselves. At the climax of the performance, the children could throw their christmas wishes imaginary to the front of the stage, where they turned into points of light, which the magician loved to disappear in his pockets or even in their mouths. Visibly "enchanted the children finally rewarded zappalott with a thunderous final applause.

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