Mabig election result for coburg’s spd leader

Mabig election result for coburg's spd leader

Stefan leistner remains chairman of the coburg SPD city association. At the election on tuesday evening in "logans einkehr the lawyer had no opposing candidate. However, in addition to 28 yes votes, he also received seven no votes and three abstentions. His predecessor, thomas rausch, who lost out to leistner two years ago in a fight, is now one of five new deputy chairmen. Rausch received 35 of 38 possible votes in his election.

The five deputies were elected because, with a view to the many upcoming elections, the work should be distributed over several shoulders, argued stefan leistner.

Others were responsible for the political part of the city association conference. Mayor norbert kastner set the course – it's the familiar one: "invest in heads instead of stones." However, kastner mentioned more construction than other projects on which the city must concentrate in the coming years: redevelopment of the ketschenvorstadt, continuation of the modernization of wustenahorn with the program "social city", construction of a new triple sports hall at anger. Everything is, of course, subject to the fact that the city has to save money. The federal government is also saving. And that threatens some of what is planned in wustenahorn. "The burgerhaus at wolfgangsee will only be built with the help of demand funds."

Against cars in steinweg
Kastner chose clear words on the subject of steinweg: there were individual traders, people lived there and numerous pubs had also established themselves there. "There is a certain potential for conflict." But the call for an earlier closing time or the opening of the fubganger zone steinweg for car traffic (both requested by the CSU faction in the city council) does not help at all. "Criminal offenses, obscenities, incriminations must be punished", the mayor emphasized. But the few rioters were not allowed to join "the thousands" the people who peacefully populate steinweg on the weekends should be lumped together in one pot. An extension of the blocking time would only shift the problem, said kastner. And car traffic in steinweg probably had first of all the consequence "that then the cabriolets with turned up music turn their rounds". Kastner's conclusion to the CSU: "it is not serious to pursue such politics." He made the same accusation in matters: the CSU always demands that cuts be made, but never says where.

Second mayor norbert tessmer delivered pleasing figures from the social sector. For example, the current unemployment rate in the city is only 5.3 percent. When it comes to childcare, the city is way ahead: 47 percent of children under the age of three have a childcare place. "This means that the specified quota is exceeded by 35 percent!" Group chairman thomas nowak referred above all to the ever-stronger cooperation with the SPD local politicians in the district.


No quarreling: ten months before the state and federal elections and 15 months before the municipal elections, the coburg SPD does not want to have a personnel debate. The fact that stefan leistner seems to see himself primarily as an administrator of the city association was not worth discussing with the delegates. The two norberts, kastner and tessmer, are in charge of politics, and the city council faction is concerned with the dovetailing of city and county politics.

Thomas rausch can feel like the secret winner of the evening: while leistner was unable to convince a good 25 percent of the delegates of his re-election, his predecessor achieved an approval rating of around 90 percent. Rausch had managed the municipal election campaign in 2008 and had at least tried to get the city association to send out one or two impulses on city politics. But hardly any of the local associations in the coburg SPD city association seem to see that as their task anyway.
The only one who speaks up from time to time is the coburg-north/east SPD local association, led by mathias eckardt. The others confine themselves to what is necessary and let those whose job it is as mayors and city councillors do the politics.

The pragmatism of the coburg SPD was demonstrated by the grubwort of federal parliamentary candidate carl christian dressel. Leistner was supposed to read it out because dressel was in berlin preparing for the election. But hardly anyone wanted to hear it: it was simply too late in the evening for the meeting participants to make a speech.

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