Kiwanis distribute exactly 8184 doughnuts

Kiwanis distribute exactly 8184 doughnuts

All good things come in threes. At least as far as the "rosenmontags-krapfen" campaign is concerned of the kiwanis club concerns.

It is not unusual for bakers to have to get up in the middle of the night to get their breakfast breads ready on time. In the first hours of rosenmontag, however, master baker fritz dumler still had to fulfill an unusual order.

341 boxes

After he had to produce around 3500 carnival doughnuts in 2018 and around 5400 in the second edition last year, the challenge was even greater this year: at seven o'clock sharp, a good-humored kiwanis team with 14 members and seven private cars stood in front of his door to pick up 341 boxes with a total of 8184 doughnuts.

This was the quantity that 141 companies had ordered in advance, not only from the district of kulmbach, but also from bayreuth and kups. 300 kilograms of flour and 1200 eggs were needed for the production of the cake. The treats, classically filled with hiffenmark in franconia, were delivered directly by the service club so that they could be enjoyed by the employees and customers of the respective companies in time for the second breakfast. In the end, it was a win-win situation for everyone involved. Many company bosses made their employees happy, with the company dumler kiwanis has a fair partner who supported the action with a favorable offer, and organizer doris rotche was pleased that the effort and the logistical performance were rewarded with a great result.

The proceeds go without deduction to children in need and are used, for example, for excursions of school classes to the educational campaign "world of spices – education with taste", further prevention work against mobbing and violence and further for the unburocratic support of families, kindergarten and schools used. 

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