“It’s a rocky road to the title

The 9. Matchday in the coburg district league holds some exciting duels. Does ebern"s goalgetter simon fischer (already 14 goals in the season) also dissect SV ketschendorf, third in the standings? Can ahorn in bad staffelstein finally bring in the first payers? To ask only two open questions. All in all, the program is divided into four parts each on saturday and sunday. Vfb einberg has been digging at the top of the table for weeks now. The "rothosen" want the place in the sun naturally also defend against promoted DJK lichtenfels. What makes the einberg team so strong this season was revealed by success coach achim heisig in an interview with the coburger tageblatt.

Mr. Heisig, what makes the vfb einberg club special??
Achim heisig: the club’s great strength is its camaraderie. The functionaries and the surrounding environment make you feel comfortable and at home. Also the young generation works there with and integrates itself.

Let’s move on to fubball: last season, vfb started out strong as a bar before a break in the middle of october – why will this year be different??
We are better positioned in terms of personnel than in the previous year. Especially the youth players are a great enrichment, even if they sometimes lack experience and cleverness over 90 minutes. But with a wider squad we can really replace four, five or even six players without a major loss of quality. That gives us more stability and self-confidence.

What role do the two teachers philipp friedrich and patrick sudol play in their team and where do they teach now??
Both have a lot of experience and serve as my extended arm on the field. Philipp friedrich is now in kronach and can take part in every training session and every game, which will help us enormously. Patrick sudol is in munich, but will help us whenever he is here. With his playfulness and his physical condition he can always make his mark.

The next opponent is DJK lichtenfels: how do you rate the promoted team??
Lichtenfels is certainly also unpredictable and we have already seen in krecktal how such games can go. But we believe in our strength and will not be intimidated by anyone. We have to bring our game to the field and then I am convinced that we will leave the court as winners.

After more than a quarter of the season, the "red pants" are up and running at the top. Already six points ahead of 3rd place – the motivation can only be the championship, right??
We certainly don’t think that far ahead. We are doing well by looking from game to game. Until the title is a long and rocky road. You can’t afford a weak period, a lot can happen. We set ourselves small goals and will see how we get into the winter break and then out of there again. It will be important that we continue to work hard and, as recently in staffelstein, force ourselves to turn around a game we thought we had lost. That is enormously important for the heads. Ebersdorf is certainly the squad with the most potential, but even they have to win their games week after week, and as mentioned, it is still a long season.

Do you, as one of the few A-certificate holders in the region, also have ambitions to train high-class clubs in the bavarian league or regional league, or even a youth team??
Of course, at some point, when the conditions fit, I also wanted to do something like that. But I have a lot of time here in einberg and the time for higher leagues is hardly compatible with family and work for me at the moment.
In addition, at the lower and middle amateur level, it is very attractive to develop players and teach them that you have to function as a team and not be a lone fighter. I realize that often functionaries are also grateful for it, because qualitative coaches are often missing in the youth and amateur area.

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