In theinfeld: a stand in front of the estate

The "thefelder kermes took place again last weekend. One of the high points was the "hofriedspielen" (farmyard peace games) on monday, the trachtenkapelle theinfeld paraded from house to house.

The kermes started on saturday with the well known good cake and a dance evening in the musikheim, while on kirchweih sunday after the festive service the trachtenkapelle, under the direction of pius ziegler, played the traditional stand concert in the center of the village. Like the stand concert, the afternoon cemetery walk is also considered a fixed event at the theinfeld church fair.

Extra vacation day taken

On monday, many musicians of the trachtenkapelle theinfeld took a day off, because they wanted to participate in the "hofriedspielen" be there. Even master mason peter saal from thundorf, who recently rejoined the traditional band, preferred to play along rather than be on the construction site. But also several former active musicians were present, which emphasizes the importance of the hofried in the annual program. The musicians also got to talk to each other, as it used to be, when theinfeld, with almost 200 inhabitants, even had two chapels, according to chairman thomas schmitt.

Trachtenkapelle hosts church fair

Armin schmitt remembered that the band used to be much more present at music festivals, sometimes even on friday for the kommers and then on sunday for the procession.Even though the number of guest appearances has decreased, the traditional band will still be responsible for organizing the church fair.

The traditional tour (hofried) goes from house to house and has been organized by the trachtenkapelle since 1969, this year for the 50th time. Mal, carried out. The hofriedspiele started at 9 o’clock and there was a lot of life in the small village. The music was heard all the way across the durrnberg, and all the inhabitants prepared themselves for the arrival of the band. All farms and farms were visited and the inhabitants were given a first "kirchweih-standchen" played. This tour ended around 5 pm. Then the kesselfleischessen began in the fully occupied musikheim and with it also the conclusion of this year’s kirchweih.For the musicians it was three stressful days, but, and this is what one is used to in theinfeld, it was well brought over the rounds.

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