In suff he quickly reaches for the knife

In suff he quickly reaches for the knife

On friday, the court of conviction sentenced a 27-year-old man with a serious criminal record to six years and six months in prison for assaulting a fugitive acquaintance (33) in the evening during a "talk" in the wurzburg ringpark stabbed his victim three times in the stomach with a folding knife, endangering his life. The court also ordered that the defendant, who was addicted to alcohol and drugs, be placed in a psychiatric hospital for therapy, as he was suffering from addiction-related aggression.
If the 27-year-old had a "man-to-man" conversation with his sister for necessary stop, then he renounces words and fisticuffs and uses his knife. Knives play a role in most of his previous convictions; the public order office of the city of wurzburg had repeatedly and modestly forbidden him to carry a knife in public.

The last chance

Under alcohol and drugs this disgraceful, inconspicuous man is "highly dangerous", according to the jury, and presiding judge lothar schmitt dared to make a prediction: if the man, whose last address was a homeless shelter in wurzburg, does not take the chance of therapy and breaks it off, as he did once before, then the next trial will certainly be about psychiatry on a permanent basis or preventive detention.
Occasion of the "talk is said to have been that the ex-girlfriend of the accused called his sister a whore and their acquaintance, the later victim, was allegedly of the same opinion. After the knife attack, the victim was able to drag himself from the park to the entrance of the wurzburg student house, where he was found by passers-by. Shortly afterwards, he was already on the operating table of a university hospital as an emergency case. If the man had collapsed under a bush in a dark park, the court found, his chances of survival had been zero.

Victim drowned shortly afterwards

the 33-year-old nevertheless died a few weeks after being discharged from the hospital during a drinking binge on the main river. He jumped into the water, sank and never resurfaced. He had asked a female companion to get more alcohol for the party shortly before closing time in a supermarket on the other side of the river main near veitshochheim.
To take a shortcut, the woman swam to the other shore to buy groceries, but "wrecked" on the way back, presumably because of the bottles and called for help. In an attempt to help her, the 33-year-old had then drowned.

Attack announced

There was no doubt in the court's mind that attempted manslaughter had occurred. The defendant himself had announced to his buddies that he would "stab" the opponent become. His adversary was surprised by the attack, and no defensive wounds were found on him. Whoever rams a knife three times into another's stomach, judges say, accepts fatal injuries.

Rode a cab to the scene of the crime

Remarkable, the court said, that the man from the homeless shelter had taken a cab to the "talk" had been driving in the park and after the act had ordered a cab again to take him to a pub. It remained unclear in the trial how the young man was able to finance his considerable consumption of alcohol and drugs.
The defendant thanked the court for the chance of renewed therapy and immediately accepted the sentence. The public prosecutor's office also waived its right to appeal.

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