In krautheim, the excavators have rolled in

The start of the renovation of the krautheim through road has been postponed several times in recent weeks. Now the excavators have rolled in and will turn the volkach district into a rough construction site over the next few months. The entire road through the town is closed to traffic, which is being roughly rerouted.

Together with the surface of the state road 2274, its subsoil with the existing supply lines is also being renewed. Sewer and water lines will be rehabilitated, gas connections will be installed and an empty pipe for copper cables will be pulled in. The overall village renewal project in krautheim also includes the redesign of the church and village square.

The approval process by the wurzburg state building authority and the city of volkach will take more than two years. The timetable foresees that first of all the local road and the pipelines in the ground will be started. Work on the church square is scheduled to begin in late fall. Step by step, the go-ahead for the village square will be given in good weather conditions in spring 2021.

The construction work is being carried out by the companies hoch- und tiefbau muller from gerolzhofen and newo-bau gmbh from theres-horhausen as subcontractors. Krautheim’s local spokesman and city councilor dieter sollner is happy that the project is finally getting underway. "The project has been planned since 2012", he looks back on many working sessions over the past eight years.

The mood in the village is great despite the construction site. The population is already looking forward to living in a nicer place in the future," he said. "What’s good for a long time is good at last, volkach’s mayor peter kornell is also satisfied. The city of volkach and the municipal utility company "stadtwerke volkach will have to reckon with enormous costs for sewer, water and ancillary facilities such as the sidewalk. The total costs of just under 3.1 million euros for the expansion of the village thoroughfare, including the village square and church square, as well as the KT 37 district road, will be shared by the state and the town in a certain ratio. All in all, the city council has complied with the feasible wishes of the people, kornell recalls. He is grateful for the cooperation of committed citizens who have formed their own working group for the village renewal of krautheim.

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