Hope for ceasefire in syria

Hope for ceasefire in syria

However, the al-nusra front group, which is affiliated with the al-qaeda terrorist network, announced that there would be no cease-fire between it and the assad government. The group had already claimed responsibility for bombings on several occasions.

Official syrian expectations were also dampened shortly after brahimi’s announcement. A decision will not be made until thursday, it was said in damascus. Currently, a ceasefire is being tested by the army leadership.

Brahimi expressed optimism in the egyptian capital. If this initiative succeeds, it could be the start of a political process to resolve the 19-month conflict, the algerian diplomat said.

Syrian opposition members, meanwhile, doubt the syrian government’s willingness to implement a ceasefire. "Syria’s regime is not honest," the spokesman for the opposition syrian national council (SNC), george sabra, told the dpa news agency. No sooner had brahimi made his declaration than there was word from damascus that the decision had not yet been made.

SNC member halit hoca told the turkish anadolu news agency that many syrian cities were under siege and attack by barely controlled government militias. A cease-fire cannot be observed without international monitoring. Already last year, regime troops had continued to fight even during the festival of sacrifice.

Brahimi planned to brief the UN security council remotely on wednesday on his efforts to secure a temporary cease-fire, a UN diplomat said. The algerian had consulted with assad in damascus on sunday. The sacrificial festival of eid al-adha begins in syria on friday. In the spring, a ceasefire agreed by brahimi’s predecessor kofi annan was broken after only a few days.

Nationwide, the fighting continued. According to activists, more than 150 people were killed. Massacre reported in town of duma in damascus region. According to the opposition, at least 20 people were killed, among them women and children. State news agency sana blamed "terrorists" for the attack. In the greater damascus area, a car bomb exploded at a military checkpoint, according to state television. Six people were killed. Reports from syria are difficult to verify from independent sources because of the media blockade.

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