Heynckes has been inspired in his home town of gladbach

Heynckes has been inspired in his home town of gladbach

Jupp heynckes was simply a human being. Built close to the water, emotional, full of ruhrseligkeit. In one of the most overwhelming moments of this bundesliga anniversary season, the always so composed and analytical soccer coach gave free rein to his feelings and let out the tears.

First his voice faltered, then his eyes moistened, and several times the 68-year-old reached in front of his face to hide something he really had nothing to be ashamed of. Jupp heynckes cried.

The reason was clear. When, after the 4:3 (2:3) victory of his bayern over borussia monchengladbach, he told of the reunion the night before with the gladbach cup-winning team of 1973, heynckes knew one thing with certainty: a circle had been closed. After 1011 bundesliga games as a professional and coach, an era ended in his hometown.

When he then thanked "the borussia fans and spectators for the wonderful farewell" and stated that the city on the lower rhine was his real home as a soccer cosmopolitan, the tears had to come out: "here in borussia-park – that was a very moving moment for me. If it had been the bokelberg, i would certainly have become even more emotional. There are many triumphs, but also defeats and curiosities like the broken post."

Heynckes quickly regained his composure. Quite a professional. Because he lives in the here and now. And that means that, although he has long since retired, he still has to be head coach for at least two more games, in the champions league final on may 25 against. May in london against borussia dortmund and in the final of the DFB cup on 1 january. June against vfb stuttgart. Then, he loves via "liga total" know, he will reveal "what I do or what I do not do". One thing is already clear from this decision: heynckes will not become a soccer official, "for me personally, such a thing is out of the question".

Instead, he wants to bequeath the triple triumph to his bayern successor josep guardiola. The performance in front of the 54,010 fans in the sold-out borussia-park gave heynckes courage in this undertaking, although the record champion for the first time in its first division history conceded three goals in the opening ten minutes through martin stranzl (4. Minute), mike hanke (5.) and havard nordtveit (10.) had to accept.

Heynckes must have been furious about that, as bayern’s head of defense dante later confessed: "if we present ourselves like that for 15, 20 minutes, the coach must be angry, too." The departing, however, it was not so much: "I have a certain indulgence with my team. Everything revolves around this champions league final match. That’s why it was important to put in a good performance and win here, to stay in rhythm and also to maintain self-confidence."

This succeeded because the outstanding franck ribery (18./53.) and arjen robben (59.) after javier martinez’ goal to make it 1:2 (7.) turned the 1:3 into the 4:3. "That’s good for next week," said ribery, who seemed a little perplexed by the three borussia goals in the early stages: "we made it difficult for ourselves for five minutes. We were not so concentrated then."Somehow the bavarian pros must have realized the importance of this game for their boss. Ribery: "we also won for the coach, for jupp."

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