Hannes fischer wants to pull ebern out of the swamp

Hannes fischer wants to pull ebern out of the swamp

The fourth matchday in the fubball-kreisliga coburg is coming up: the kickers of tsvfb krecktal started well, but were eliminated in the district cup semifinal against TSV monchroden (0:2). SV heilgersdorf wanted to get the first three points of the season, while the cellar children of the table, pfarrweisach and ebern, finally have to score. TSG niederfullbach – TV ebern

Who would have expected this before the start of the season: after three match days, TV ebern is at the bottom of the table with zero points and without a single goal (0:11). The team is running behind its normal form, but this is largely due to the numerous absences. This emergency situation was allowed to improve on the weekend, however, by a lot, because several performance carriers have reported back again. The ebern team around the trainer team fischer/kapell recently had to accept a particularly bitter defeat. TSV heldritt, which had been scoreless up to that point, humiliated TV in a 6-0 defeat in ebern. TSG niederfullbach finally wants to break the deadlock. The chances are good, because the niederfullbacher also had to put up with a 0:5 defeat against turk gucu neustadt last time. The niederfullbacher want three points, with a victory they were in the midfield. TSV heldritt – TSV pfarrweisach

TSV pfarrweisach, last season’s runner-up in the table, is doing just as badly as the team from ebern. TSV knocked on the door of the district league last season and is now neighboring TV ebern in the table with zero players and 1:9 goals. The poor performance of the team around player-coach daniel schneidawind is also due to personnel problems. The normally goal-dangerous attack has enormous charging inhibitions. Therefore, the meeting at the form-strong TSV heldritt could also be difficult. A win is a must for the promoted team.

SV heilgersdorf – spvg wustenahorn

Three games, two out of nine points: in the home game, the holzheid-schutzlinge expect the promoted spvg wustenahorn, who already have six points and a balanced goal ratio of 6:6 to show for it. The spvg recently suffered a clear 1:4 home defeat against TSV staffelstein and would like to bend the form curve upwards again.

Vfb einberg – tsvfb krecktal

Tsvfb krecktal has made a decent start to the season. The club is absolutely satisfied with its third place in the table, two wins and a draw. It remains to be seen whether this winning streak will continue at the newcomer vfb einberg, which has one point less on its account. Only on wednesday the tsvfb played in the coburg district cup semifinal against the favored district league team TSV monchroden and lost with 0:2. On sunday the krecktaler want to do it better again to stay on the track of success against a difficult opponent. With a win, krecktal remains at the top of the table.

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