Habberge art award 2020 goes to tommy petzold from erlangen

Habberge art award 2020 goes to tommy petzold from erlangen

The art award of the district of habberge enjoys supraregional attention. 24 artists participated with 36 works in the current competition. "In the case of the first prize, the jury agreed quite quickly: the complex and unusual work of tommy petzold with the wave-shaped bow of an imaginary ship on its journey through a sea of notes with chemical buzzing formulas has captivated us all", emphasized matthias liebel at the presentation of the art award 2020 in oberschwappach castle.

Project manager renate ortloff from the cultural office of the habberge district began by reminding the audience that the art prize will be awarded for the third time in 2020. There were some obstacles to overcome, as she described. A lightning snowfall had already made it difficult or even impossible for many guests to get to the vernissage. And then the corona crisis interrupted the exhibition weeks. "But against all odds, the exhibition "the elixir of life in the habberge district" was very successful."

The host, knetzgau's mayor stefan paulus, confirmed that the corona epidemic had strongly influenced the exhibition weeks. He described art as "system-relevant".

District administrator wilhelm schneider expressed his pleasure at being able to present the exhibition in such a special place as the former seat of the ebrach cistercians. This contributes to the radiance and success of the exhibition. The award ceremony took place not as usual in the stylish ambience of the hall of mirrors, but under the open sky in the castle courtyard due to the corona.

"Water is of existential importance not only for the district of habberge, but also worldwide. The various watercourses, floodplains and forest landscapes provide regional starting points for the theme. The works are intended to question the behavior of society and the handling of resources, and to show visionary planning games", quoted the district administrator the task for the artists. The cycle of the ecosystem is constantly weakened by pollution, everyday rubbish in nature, sealing of surfaces and waste, and this, according to the district administrator, had to be depicted in a drastically gentle form.

The artists and guests of honor were eagerly awaiting the presentation of the prizes. Art historian and laudator matthias liebel presented the competition winner: tommy petzold from erlangen. He receives the art award 2020 for his work "the formula sea of basic research".

"Here the viewer stands in front of a monumental picture on special cardboard, 1.5 meters high and three meters wide, with a complex, collage-like collection of motifs that merge scenically into one another like thought fragments. Next to the sail mast, like whipped up drops of water, grease slips with further chemical formulas and calculation models blast into the air", liebel described the winning work. The sea of notes is in reality a sea of formulas: the "wind-swept ocean of knowledge. Everything is in motion, everything is in flux, everything is chased and driven by a mysterious, stormy power: the power of research and science." The artist tommy petzold from erlangen used water as an allegory, as a metaphor for a flood of confused ideas. "It is a work that puzzles us, a work that amazes us, and a work that invites us, in its diversity of design and content, to linger in front of it and explore its enigmatic (puzzling) contexts of meaning."

The vita of the 48-year-old artist is almost as riddling. Tommy petzold was born in saxony-anhalt, germany. He completed a mining apprenticeship and then trained as a tiler. In 1996 he moved to erlangen, went on a five-year trip around the world a little later, and ten years ago began to take photographs and to draw autodidactically. "And it continues to do so today: explosively, excessively and sometimes to the limits of its physical exhaustion", the laudator continued. For his unusual and fascinating work he received the art award 2020 of the district habberge, honored with 2000 euro, under rough applause from the hand of landrat wilhelm schneider.

A special prize was awarded to the interesting work of peter schoppel from gundelsheim. In addition to the time-critical content, the jury considered the technique to be a special point: a combination of etching and acrylic painting. His work "arbors tranen refers to the dwindling tree population (arbor: latin for tree) due to drying up water.

The artist peter schoppel, born in bamberg in 1958, initially trained as a draftsman before he sought professional training in the fields of drawing and painting. He has had his own studio in gundelsheim since 1987 and has been working full-time as a visual artist and lecturer since 2005. The special prize of 500 euros was awarded by peter kuhn from the company baurconsult (sylbach).

The exhibition was connected with an audience award. The prize went to olaf schonherr from theres. He created under the title "main(e) vision 2025" a wheelbarrow with 500 mouth-blown weiben glass spheres symbolizing the water molecules of the mains and its migratory movement over a layer of bark mulch on the ground.

To find out how much pollution is affecting the region, the local artist had some children from the kindergarten in untertheres collect plastic gauze from the banks of the mains river. He wants his work to be understood as an appeal to the visitors of the exhibition to counteract the pollution of the local waters and the continued pollution of their shores.

Olaf schonherr received the audience award of 500 euros from jochen benkert of the benkert-banke company in altershausen. The 54-year-old artist comes from steinach and trained as a glass designer, which he completed with a master's degree. He first set up a studio in neuhaus am rennweg, but has been living and working in theres since 2012.

Christine rieger from habfurt was surprised by district administrator wilhelm schneider with a gift basket of regional products for the audience. "They cast their vote for their favorite work and showed in an impressive way why this work is their favorite", praised the district administrator.

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