Gerd dallner wants to become pommersfelden mayor

Gerd dallner wants to become pommersfelden mayor

Now it’s official: gerd dallner, who was already being talked about as a candidate for the chief seat in the pommersfelden town hall, has been elected as a candidate for mayor by the "freie wahlergemeinschaft (G) steppach". At the nomination meeting at the hopf inn in stolzenroth he received all the votes of the 43 eligible voters.

After mayor hans beck (WB sambach) is no longer available for the office, dallner will run in the march election against mayoral candidate angela nuber, who was nominated by the pommersfelden burgerblock. There do not seem to be any other candidates for the office in the municipality with its 3159 inhabitants.

Gerd dallner is a lawyer, 48 years old, grew up in steppach, is married and has two children. In the 2014 election he was elected to the town council from the g steppach list. According to his own words, he is "well wired" in the whole community. There are many reasons for this.

"I come from sports, said dallner at the meeting. He had worked as a coach with the young football players of the municipality. When his hometown won the "our village has a future" competition a few years ago he has already made a great contribution to the national finals. As a councillor, he has noticed that the sense of place between the different parts of the community has fortunately disappeared. Dallner considers himself well prepared for the office of mayor – both professionally and personally – through his dealings with people and authorities.

Well-considered decision

The fact that he decided to run for office was thanks to many motivating conversations with fellow burghers from all parts of the community. Nevertheless also mayor hans beck, who had already announced his resignation in march. "If he had made a game out of it, I would not be here today." But this had given him enough time to think about running for office. Obviously he also found pleasure in the fact that the steppacher kerwasburschen had already answered the burgermeister question with a "double" during the procession had clarified.

Among dallner’s goals, such as strengthening the economy and tax power, local supply, housing to meet demand, local jobs, construction of cycle paths and roads, and digital connectivity, one in particular stood out: the community should once again become an attractive tourist location. Weibenstein castle is currently "dormant" without a restaurant or hotel. From a "revival the community could also benefit.

Klaus escher, incumbent municipal councilor, had not only proposed the mayoral candidate. As leader, he also took the formalities for the electoral list in hand. "An attractive list of established and young candidates", as dallner stated. Obviously it was not difficult to find sufficient candidates. The five incumbent councillors are all standing for re-election, and several of the 2014 candidates are also back on the list. 42 years is the average age of the list candidates. The oldest is 58, the youngest 22 years old.

Two rates more

Steppach is the largest village in the municipality of pommersfelden with more than 1000 inhabitants. Since pommersfelden has exceeded the mark of 3000 inhabitants, from may 2020 two more, that is 16 rates move into the town hall. The goal of the steppach list is to achieve one to two seats more than in 2014.

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