Fur jack

Markus haggberg A n the way to fulfillment, man has difficulties to master. Whether the fulfillment is worth the difficulty is, of course, another question altogether. But around us we find again and again the message of the fulfillment after the moo, and in us the readiness to believe in it. Whoever would like to read that of the fulfillment after the moo even carved in stone, may be shown this at the lichtenfels gymnasium.

"Per aspera ad astra" there is written in a stone what means to reach the stars through the rough. And just as one gets over adversity into heaven, so the stroller in the marketplace has to secure himself in two directions before he arrives at a treasure trove that offers glimpses into its interior and holds ready what has something to say about life: books, books, books.

It stands a bit unhappy, this new addition to the market place. The intention in which it stands, however, is good and carried by kindness. The principle that dwells in it is likewise. People, preferably those from lichtenfels, should take books out of the bookcase and, after reading them, return them or replace them with others. In this way, ideas and information pass from hand to hand, are taken away and put back again. Also somehow romantic, a romance in the small just.

The other day, however, two people from lichtenfels were talking in a cafe about this gray and towering cupboard, which is basically a piece of real estate. At least when you emphasize the immobile of a property, the immovable that is. This bookcase stands unprintable almost in the neighborhood of the florian fountain. The two cafe-lichtenfelsers were talking about whether the cupboard didn’t cover up the floriansbrunnen a little bit after all. There was still enough floriansbrunnen, but he disappeared a little behind this bookcase, they came uberein. They looked at the bookcase for a long time, then they mentioned in turn that they were not so much into reading, but more into watching tv.

The other day i came across the cupboard, curious about the contents, and at night. That was probably also the reason why I suddenly found myself with one leg submerged, namely in the river channel that runs along the axis of the floriansbrunnen and the no longer existing deichmannhaus. The shoe was wet, the trouser leg too, and the desire to read was gone. No view into the bookcase, only a damp trudge home. The next day was saturday and i was out. When the night was over, it was midnight and I thought I could go to floriansbrunnen now and see what the bookcase had to offer. I was drunk. That was probably the reason why i fell into the florians fountain. Once again, the desire to read had vanished, once again I was only concerned with myself and with changing the wash and getting warm with myself. It was only on the third day that I managed to take a look and reach into the bookcase.

I approached it in brightness and pitch darkness. To my amazement, someone had put a collection of jack london novels in the bookcase. A faint touch of happiness rose in me and I reached for the volume "the happy islands". And what I read on the flap text? At the end of april 1907, jack london set sail on a small ship called the snark, to which he himself contributed the tarpaulin. His helmsman couldn’t steer and his cook couldn’t cook. One can imagine how the journey went, but in the end he arrived at the coral and south sea islands. Jack and i are obviously made of the same stuff. Let it be said that literature does not reflect reality.

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