Every step has to be right

Every step has to be right

The day of the first holy communion is an exciting day for young christians.
Antonia drebel and julia rose, two of the 25 first communicants from the st.-the parishioners of st. George's in hochstadt look forward to their sundays. "Because it is the first time that you can receive the body of the lord", explains antonia. "And because you are united with jesus", julia adds. The motto of the first communion is also: "united with jesus".
On thursday at 4 p.M. We had the first rehearsal for the main service. All the children had come to complete one of the two practice sessions together with dean kilian kemmer. "You don't have to be afraid", he assures his proteges. "We practice so well that nothing can go wrong." And then it's off.

The hand to a bowl form

The children line up in front of the house of worship and then enter the church together. Only the festive music is missing. It's not so easy to do a genuflection together before branching off into the pew row. Some of the children are stunned and many of them want to sit down in the pew right away. "You are still young and I am not in an old people's home", says the dean and laughs.
The communion circle around the altar is rehearsed. Also the reception of the body of christ is exactly prescribed. "You must form the hand into a bowl, you must not forget the amen and after you have put the body of christ into the mouth, you fold the hand", dean kemmer explains patiently. "Stay with yourself and don't look around. This is one of the most sacred and important moments of your whole life." As the little ones march back to the pews, he calls out, "the church is not a trim trail, nor is it a sports track! Please go slowly and take one step at a time!" Everything is rehearsed twice and in the end it works quite well.

All want to take on tasks

The children were eager and when it comes to distributing the various tasks during the festive service, 25 fingers fly high. "I get to participate in the sermon", antonia tells eagerly. Julia also attends the sermon. Prayers, kyries, readings, all the posts are occupied. Each of the children now has an important task.
"I feel more secure now, but I am almost always in church on sundays, so I know more about it", says antonia proudly. She also wears a robe instead of the communion dress. "We agreed to donate the money we save to poor children, and I think that's good", she explains. Julia also wears a robe. "Mom said you can only wear the expensive communion dress once. That's why I wear another nice dress under the robe and I can wear it later."

"Rehearsal was not difficult"

Helena schwagerl joins in. She will wear a real communion dress on sunday. But her explanation is also clear: "if I were an only child, then we would have taken a vestment of course. But my little sister teresa has her first communion too. At least it's worth it", she tells.
The communion children agree that the rehearsal was not difficult at all. All three girls are very much looking forward to the feast day. "We get a lot of visitors and of course there are also gifts." Money is not bad. Julia wants to buy a bike, and antonia and helena are keen riders. "We buy riding utensils and riding lessons can be well paid for with the money."

A total of 42 children

Dean kilian kemmer gives some advice and then he says goodbye to them until the next day at the same time. The rehearsal takes a little longer because it is filled with hymns, readings, the kyrie, and prayers for the foursome. On saturday at 5 p.M. The joint christening renewal party will take place.
In the parish of st. George, a total of 42 children receive their first holy communion. This sunday it is the children of the anton wolker school. On sunday, 22. April, the children of hochstadt's sud elementary school, those of lonnerstadt and the don bosco school are in line.

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