Essen police target barbershops

Essen police target barbershops

In the fight against clan crime, essen police want to take a closer look at barbershops. The police have recently noticed a noticeable increase in business registrations in the hairdressing trade, chief inspector thomas weise from essen told the "rheinische post".

"Barbershops are a new phenomenon that has come into our control focus. The stores will be the topic this year in connection with clans."

In the altendorf district and the northern city center in essen alone, more than 20 barbershops opened in quick succession, said weise. "Since they are located in the trendy neighborhoods, we are currently assuming that there are clan crime connections there."

The problem also exists in other parts of north rhine-westphalia: "initial findings show that in individual cases barbershops are run by criminal clan members and used by the clan milieu as a meeting place and retreat," a spokeswoman for the north rhine-westphalian interior ministry told the newspaper.

Only a few days ago, 14 barbershops were inspected in berlin-wedding. Two stores were shut down and three people were arrested for illegal residence. The police declared: "the fight against criminal structures continues to be of great importance in berlin."

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