Drug prevention day at akg kitzingen

drug prevention day at akg kitzingen

The wednesday before the carnival vacations did not go quite like normal school lessons for the ninth-grade students at the AKG: according to a press release, they took part in the "flash-back" drug prevention project part of which was about cannabis and legal highs, among other things. Instead of the teachers, the police chiefs tobias adelmann and katharina frosch, prevention officers of the kitzingen police station, the social pedagogues anna-lena spirk and monika pfister from the kitzingen youth and health office, and the student assistants philipp hofmann and jonas walter were there to discuss topics such as the attraction of drugs, the development of addiction, or the criminal consequences of drug use with the students. After a theoretical introduction, the students went through an interactive course with a total of four stations, which were competently supervised by the speakers. These stations dealt with investigation procedures by the police and the public prosecutor’s office, legal consequences of drug use, but also with the personal assessment of one’s own risk of becoming addicted and knowing protective factors that can significantly reduce this risk.

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