Diw: plans for electricity price brake not a “rough draft

Diw: plans for electricity price brake not a 'rough draft

“It”s not a big deal, because the federal government”s plans don”t address the real causes,” DIW energy expert claudia kemfert told the “passauer neue presse” (friday). The EEG surcharge on the price of electricity will hardly fall with the proposed reductions. “In the short term, a relief of 0.5 cent per kilowatt hour had been expected. This corresponds to one euro less per month for a four-person household,” kemfert calculated.

The EEG surcharge is also so high because emissions trading is not working and this is putting pressure on the price of electricity. "The higher the price of CO2 certificates, the higher the price of electricity," kemfert said.

At their energy summit on thursday in the chancellor"s office, the federal government and the states were unable to agree on concrete measures to curb electricity prices. This is what environment minister peter altmaier (CDU) had advocated. Merkel rejected a 25 percent reduction in the electricity tax demanded by the federal states. In their opinion, a fundamental reform of the renewable energies act (EEG) will not be possible until the next election period.

The federation of german industries (BDI) accused those responsible of having missed an opportunity. "Politicians cannot get a grip on the unchecked rise in costs and have once again postponed essential decisions," criticized BDI president ulrich grillo on thursday. "No one can be satisfied with the results of the energy summit, neither industry and consumers nor the politicians themselves."The state itself must make a greater contribution, for example by lowering the electricity tax.

The bund fur umwelt und naturschutz deutschland (BUND) called the decision "counterproductive for the further expansion of renewable energies". "The uncertainty for investors in renewable energies continues to grow. The assurance of already promised compensation for existing plants is just a drop in the ocean," criticized BUND energy expert thorben becker.

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