District of forchheim: municipality converts 1373 street lamps to leds

The streetlights in neunkirchen are now burning during the day as well? Only briefly, in order to check whether the new lamps are also lit, because the starting signal for the conversion to LED has been given. Employees of schwarzbach and wittmann install the new energy-saving lamps for bayernwerk. "This has above all an economic advantage and is much more environmentally friendly", emphasizes mayor martin walz (CSU). This is due to the lower stray light emitted by the lamps and, above all, it is also insect-friendly. "There is also not much light emitted upwards, the sky is darker", explains ralf schwarz, the municipal advisor of bayernwerk-netz-gmbh, who was on site with dominic tschampel, light planner of bayernwerk. Some burgers have already noticed the new LED light. It’s not brighter, but it’s different from the previous lights, which were more of a yellow light. "The restructuring was initiated by my predecessor heinz richter", says walz. In the vacation committee, it was also supported by six council members in favor and the opposing vote of bettina wittmann (grune). After all, there are 1373 lanterns in the municipal area that are being converted to highly efficient LED lighting. So now stefan wittmann is on the move with his cherry picker, replacing the light fixtures. The lamp heads of the technical lanterns, which are supposed to be visually unobtrusive, are being replaced. 812 of the lamps to be replaced are on existing poles, 561 of the luminaires will have LED inserts in the existing light house.

The costs

This modernization costs around 376.000 euros. "It’s an investment in climate protection", says schwarz, and it also has a financial benefit for the municipality. Because the new lamps will save around 334 euros a year.500 kilowatt hours of electricity saved – the equivalent of around 70.000 euros per year. "The emission of climate-damaging carbon dioxide will be reduced by around 180 tons if the current german electricity mix is used as a basis for the calculation", says schwarz. It will take at least another month before the streetlights in the entire municipality are switched over. And where the changeover is taking place, the lamps are also being switched on during the day for a short time so that stefan wittmann can see whether the LED luminaires are actually working. After all, bayernwerk is the nationwide leader in converting public lighting to leds, adds schwarz. Climate protection is one of the most important challenges that concerns everyone. LED is the energy-saving and long-lasting answer to the demands made on street lighting. The conversion will pay for itself within just a few years. "They use up to 80 percent less power with comparable brightness and last many times longer" than police officers wear them, explains the representative of bayernwerk . Normal streetlamps often fall after 15.000 operating hours, the LED lights last up to 100.000 operating hours. LED manufacturers offer a ten-year warranty on their products. The municipality can therefore also save on repair and maintenance costs.

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